KJo: Introspect, are we "compulsive, chronic liars?"

| Updated: Jul 15, 2016 17:13 IST

New Delhi, July 15 (ANI): Karan Johar, like all his past articles, have left us thinking, are we all "compulsive, chronic liars." In his recent article of NDTV, the 44-year-old filmmaker spoke about the lies that we unconsciously say every day from "Good Morning" to "Good Night." "I've realized that from the minute I wake up and say "Good Morning" to the moment I say "Good Night", the one thing I do consistently is: lie. Yes, I am a liar. A compulsive, chronic liar. And I will lay good odds that you are too!" he starts his article saying so. Karan, with this brings forth a question which we actually never think of, "What is so good about most mornings?" "When you say "Good Night", is it any different? There's just tomorrow to look forward to and not even a nice, easy orgasm to pave the way," he continued. The 'Student of the Year' maker, while speaking about the reason for such lies, said, "I also think there's comfort in lying, because the point of my lies are not to hurt anyone else. White lies, creative lies, sweet, generous lies. I am the master of them. And I bet you are too!" Talking about the hypocrisy, that is inbuilt in every human being, he explained, "Because you cannot be completely honest all the time. You cannot, or you will hurt people's feelings. I mean I cannot ever tell the truth when I walk out of a film and I overcompensate. (I have a problem. I'm Miss Congeniality in my head. I love to be loved.) So, now, if I don't say enough at the preview, then I have to tweet about it with many, many exclamation marks." "And I think people have started seeing through the lies. I've even seen big filmmakers when I tell them I love their film or their trailer - they sort of smirk at me as though to say: you? You like everything! And they are also lying when they send me messages saying "means a lot coming from you." And I know they're lying too! It doesn't mean a thing to them," read an excerpt of the article. A full-timer on social media, Karan feels, "My Twitter account has been hacked by my own lies. And the saddest thing is the films I really love get lost in the slew." Further speaking about different lies that people say every day, the filmmaker finally concluded his article asking people, "so, come on then, bring on the feedback. And make it sincere - after all, I will know when you're lying." (ANI)