Popularity of SRK's voice is reason for roping him in for 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya' trailer: Sonu Sood

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 17 (ANI): Actor Sonu Sood, while promoting his upcoming horror-comedy film 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya,' cited the popularity of Shahrukh Khan's voice as the major reason behind roping him in to narrate the trailer. "Every character in the movie has its own story, so when we started making the trailer we thought, to introduce these characters, we need a voice that people are familiar with. So eventually, Shahrukh's name came in my mind, he is anyway family," said the 43-year-old actor, who is making his production debut with the film. However getting the job done was not an easy task, said the 'Dabang' actor while explaining, "he was in prague, shooting at that time so it was very difficult to coordinate since there is certain time difference and shoot schedules are already very hectic. But I think it was great, so very nice of him that he managed to record in the night after getting over with his shoots." Adding, "And I think that made a lot of difference, the way he introduced every character may it be Krishna (Prabhu's character), or my character Raj Khannna or Ruby (Tamanna). I think he phenomenally weaved all the characters with his voice and I am glad that he's part of my first production." The two have earlier shared screen space in 'Happy New Year' and apparently shared a great bonding. The Prabhu Deva starrer 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya' that is touted as one of its kind because of the rare 'Comedy-horror' genre will also see Farah Khan, Amy Jackson and Isha Gupta in cameo roles. Talking about the reason behind their inclusion into the cast, Sonu, who will also be seen playing a pivotal role in the movie, jokingly said, "It is a buffet, you won't only get 'daal roti' (Pulses and Chapati) but it is an entire meal including 'Dal, Paneer, chicken, makhan' (Pulses, cottage cheese, chicken, butter)." "That is the idea of entertainment that you come for cinema, buy a 100 or 200 rupee ticket to watch two-three stars and get to see ten people entertaining you, I think that is cinema. So we have tried our level best to give people more than what they are expecting from the film," he added. 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya' will be released in three languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on October 7. (ANI)