Radhika Apte on working with `humble` Rajnikanth in `Kabali`

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 17:55 IST

New Delhi, July 22 (ANI): Actor Radhika Apte, who was widely praised for her role in the movie 'Phobia', has opened up about her film `Kabali` and her 'humble' co-star Rajnikanth. On being asked what made her accept the role in 'Kabali', Radhika, 30, was quoted by Flimfare, as saying, "To be honest I'd not even dreamt of it. But I also knew from the first phone call that even though it's a commercial film, it was a content-driven one and I had a role that had substance. I wasn't just there to sing songs. I also like writer-director Pa Ranjith's sensibilities." Talking about her experience working with superstar, Rajnikanth, the 'Kriti' actor was quoted, as saying, "He was warm and friendly from the first day I met him. He treated me with such equality that I never felt nervous. I always felt like a professional actor." She added that the 'Lingaa' actor had been very encouraging throughout the journey. 'Kabali' directed by Pa. Ranjith, has released today and has booked solid for the first three days. (ANI)