Rangoon Review Pankaj Kapur couldn't recognise son Shahid on screen

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai [India], Feb. 8 (ANI): Seems like Shahid Kapoor has already received his share of appreciation for Vishal Bharadwaj's upcoming flick 'Rangoon,' as daddy Pankaj Kapur said he could not recognise his son on screen. In a recent event, Sasha spoke about daddy his father's reaction after attending a special screening of 'Rangoon,' and added that Senior Kapur is never vocal about the things he never means and is very true to his art. "While walking out of the screening, he just looked at Vishal sir and said he could not recognize his son in the film, 'I just see Nawab Malik.' For me, it was a very emotional moment because my father doesn't say such things and is really honest to the art. It really made my day," said the 35-year-old actor. Adding, "I wasn't invited for a special screening of 'Rangoon', only my dad was. Before showing it to the official cast of the film, he (Vishal Bhardwaj) wanted to share it with some people for an opinion. I reached there uninvited, because I was really excited for a response from him (Pankaj Kapur)." 'Rangoon,' also starring Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut, is set to hit the screens on February 24. (ANI)