Snapchat launches Frank Ocean filters

| Updated: Aug 06, 2016 23:09 IST

London, Aug. 6 (ANI): With an intent to console Frank Ocean's fans, who are desperately waiting for his upcoming album, Snapchat has launched some special filters. Designed especially with a waiting theme, the filters very well describe how bored people are waiting for the release of the album, reports The Independent. There are two filters that can be placed above a picture of any video. The first one is in look of the Mac's Text Edit window, which the 28-year-old singer uses from before to share statements in screen grabs. The other one has a skeleton that represents fans and says "Waiting for Frank Ocean's music like". It is not clear whether Ocean's team has paid for or sponsored the filters, but Snapchat certainly earns a handsome amount of money by offering brands filters for a specific time or location.(ANI)