Watch out for 'Men in Black' kind chemistry of John, Varun

| Updated: Jul 27, 2016 21:07 IST

By A.Kameshwari New Delhi, July 27 (ANI): The film is all set to do 'Dishoom' on screens but if you have not given much attention to its first look then you might have missed out on the point that the character sketch of the male leads, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, is slightly similar to the character of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith from 'Men In Black.' While John plays a strict and serious cop just like Tommy Lee, Varun plays a chilled out cop like Will. During the exclusive conversation with ANI, John and Varun were surprised to have such an interesting comparison and said it is just the chemistry that is similar in both films. "It is just chemistry that might look similar in both the films. The story of Dishoom is very different and interesting but our chemistry makes it more special," John said. Adding to John, the 'Dilwale' actor said, "That is a very interesting comparison but we have a different plot and 'Men in Black' deals with a completely different world. The film revolves around how the two different characters come together on the journey of solving a case." The plot of the film revolves around the rescue of a top Indian batsman, who is kidnapped before India's final match with Pakistan. While many speculate the film to be anti-Pakistan, John explained the purely entertaining film has no references that suggest it to be anti-pakistan. "Nothing is controversial about the film. It is pro-India but not anti-Pakistan as well. Whether it is the dialogue in which Varun says 'Tune toh Honey Singh ko thok diya' or where he says he follows what PM Modi says, we have just tried to be realistic rather than playing safe," the 42-year-old actor told ANI. John and Varun were in their full forms to promote the film but one of the most important characters of the film, Akshaye Khanna has been missing from every promotion. "He plays an extremely important role in the film. He adds the spice to the story. We are extremely glad that Varun and I have got the chance to work with an actor like him. I really think he is one of the finest actors of India," the 'Rocky Handsome' actor said. The action-comedy genre film has been able to create buzz about its release, but let us see if it can do 'Dishoom' at the box-office on July 29. (ANI)