A Green Wedding underway (Photo/ANI)
A Green Wedding underway (Photo/ANI)

Unique concept of 'Green Wedding' helps Eritrea plant more seedlings

Joymala Bagchi | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 17:30 IST

By Joymala Bagchi
New Delhi [India], Sept 4 (ANI): Despite being in a nascent stage, the unique concept of 'Green Wedding' under the 'Greening campaign' is gaining popularity among Eritreans.
As per the concept, the couple holding a 'Green Wedding' plants seedlings along with their family members. The planting spot is either on private or public property.
Interestingly, everything related to the wedding has a specific green touch, right from the decorations to the wedding attire itself.
Heruy Asghedom, DG, Agricultural Extension Department at Eritrea's Ministry of Agriculture told ANI, "Green Wedding is a very new concept. It is a part of the 2006 Greening Campaign initiated by our President Isaias Afwerki. People are excited about this new concept and are enrolling themselves under Green Wedding more."
"We have tried to use special occasions such as a wedding to raise awareness amongst people and encourage them to plant seedlings. The best thing about this concept is that it involves not only the couple, but the family members as well. We believe that planting trees is not voluntary but obligatory. It is only through the trees that we can save our land," the official added.
Samuel Neguse and Elsa Hadish were the first couple to opt for a Green Wedding on May 12 this year. They planted 500 seedlings along with their family members on their wedding day. (ANI)