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Pushkar Saran, who recently cured from Black fungus (Photo/ANI)
Pushkar Saran, who recently cured from Black fungus (Photo/ANI)

Gurugram resident defeats black fungus after timely treatment

By Shalini Bhardwaj | Updated: May 22, 2021 20:29 IST

New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI): Amid the deadly second wave of COVID-19 and its post consequences, Mucormycosis or black fungus has posed another challenge in front of the country. 

Though the occurrence of black fungus is rare, sometimes it becomes deadly in a few cases. It has been declared an epidemic in many states across India. Black fungus has been reported amongst the COVID patients, who are still under recovery and diabetic.

Medical experts and doctors are continuously recommending multiple precautions for those who are most vulnerable to deadly fungal infection.

42-year-old Gurugram resident, Pushkar Saran, was infected with black fungus after contracting coronavirus. During treatment of COVID-19, he developed Mucormycosis and started getting pain in his left head and hand. Saran then underwent Fess (Functional Endoscopic sinus Surgery) and debridement surgery, which have demonstrated the efficacy in mucormycosis cases.

"I had numbness on the left side of my face, watery and red eyes. The teeth on the left side of my upper jaw had turned numb. I underwent surgery and I am fine now. There is still some numbness but it will be fine." Saran told ANI. 

Dr Sumit Mrig, HOD, ENT, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket said that three out of the 25 patients lost their eyes who came late for the treatment. "If any patient who has COVID and undergone steroid treatment or they face pain in one side of the head, half side facial pain, congestion in the eyes, any discharge from the eyes, then get an endoscopy done."

Dr Mrig said Saran was a COVID recovered and non-diabetic patient and was on steroids. He approached the hospital after experiencing pain and swelling in his eyes and half-side facial pain.

"We examined Saran in the OPD and found pus. The swab test revealed Mucormycosis. We then admitted him immediately. Endoscopic sinus surgery was done. Because of timely action, the patient recovered and we could prevent the fungus from reaching the nasal or other parts of the body. But if a patient comes late and has already lost eyesight, in such cases the mortality rate is 40-80 percent," the doctor said.

Saran, whose condition is better now, advised others to take steroids only after proper medical consultation. 

"During COVID treatment, I was taking more than 30 mg steroids, and all of a sudden I started getting some issues. My sugar level also increased. Luckily, I contacted the doctor timely and got my treatment done. Black fungus is treatable but it is important that people should get the treatment timely before it gets worse. And, if you are taking steroids, keep checking for diabetes. Take steroids only after proper medical consultation," he added. (ANI)