Avaance launches Osteofit-k2 to ease Chronic Arthritis

ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2018 18:13 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 12 (ANI-NewsVoir): Avaance embarked on a mission to provide holistic solution to arthritic problems by launching Osteofit®-k2, No pain oil & No pain roll on gel after having seen a tremendous success with Kneepill™ and Spinopain™.

Avaance decided to launch topical application in a novel presentation as No pain Roll on gel and No Pain oil as these products can be complimentary to Kneepill™ or Spinopain™ for those who suffer from knee pain, Neck or low back pain.

Avaance launched Osteofit® k2 which is a calcium supplement with vitamin k2-7 which is very vital for calcium distribution and to prevent the calcium deposits in the arteries. For Arthritic people who are above 40 or suffering from cardiac or Diabetes, it is necessary to take vitamin k2-7 along with Calcium which will not thicken the artery because of calcification. That's where Osteofit® k2 is much more beneficial when compared to other Calcium Supplements.

Avaance positioning itself as Arthritis Specialized OTC (Over-the-counter) division with a range of products that will have a complete solution not only relieving pain but also reducing swelling in joints and increasing the bone health by improving Bone Mass Density, with these range of products like Osteofit® k2, Kneepill™, Spinopain™, No pain Oil and No Pain Roll-onGel to people those who are suffering from different arthritis cervical Spondylosis or Neck pain, lumbago/low back ache and knee arthritis.

Avaance team had one on one interaction by directly connecting to the customers and understood the need for complete solution of Products instead of taking one tablet for all joint Pains. Avaance OTC Arthritis Specialized products will reduce pain, strengthen the cartilage and also concentrate on bone mineralization which will target every problem of the end-users to bring back the flexibility and Mobility.

Avaance's CEO - Mr. S. A Manikandan, is a renowned personality in the pharmaceutical industry for his strategical brilliance and for evangelizing new concepts like Diabetic Neuropathy and launched ReNerve for the first time in India, which has annual turnover of more than Rs. 120 crores.

"Arthritis need to be approached in a holistic manner than propagating one-tablet solution for all arthritis problem which will not benefit the end-users in anyway," said S. A Manikandan.

He is very sure that offering the right products for the right indications/problem is going to be the key growth driver for Avaance OTC division. To put it in a Nutshell, for Knee arthritis it is suggested to take Kneepill™ twice or thrice daily orally and apply No Pain Oil / No pain Roll on Gel to relieve from Pain and Osteofit® k2 for strengthening the knee joints. (ANI-NewsVoir)