ePsyClinic launches health assistance platform IWill

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], May 10 (ANI): Leading online platform for health assistance ePsyClinic.com on Wednesday announced the launch of 'I Will', a revolutionary support system and a transformative therapy app. Dealing with psychological issues, relationship issues, child issues, pregnancy and addiction issues through world class therapies and counseling services, ePsyClinic.com launched the app in New Delhi here today. "After ePsyClinic.com achieved the success to offer assistance on mental health and emotional wellness and also carefully studying the gaps in the process industry wise, it only motivated us to bring further a path breaking app IWill," said founder ePsyclinic.com, Shipra Dawar. "IWill is targeted to benefit those who need a complete support system and freedom from mental and emotional health issues," she added. The journey with IWill is designed in the form of a personal experience keeping the unique needs of the user at the center. Beginning with a careful and sensitive analysis of users' concerns, IWill forms a solid foundation for a therapy module to suit them the best. As the next step, users are assigned to a specialised therapist with an expertise in their specific challenges and recovery goals. This therapist then walks with them all the way through the journey to achieve the goal of complete recovery. IWill offers a space for positivity and understanding. This space is created by the app through a daily feed of beneficial content that includes real life stories of challenges and accomplishments, inspirational quotes and self-help. (ANI)