Football may help women treat high blood pressure

| Updated: Jan 26, 2017 12:59 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan. 26 (ANI): Dear women, if your blood pressure is slightly above normal or mildly high, stay calm as a new study reveals that one hour of football training for two to three times a week may have positive effects on blood pressure, physical fitness, body fat percentage and stronger bones. The study was published in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Professor Peter Krustrup of the University of Southern Denmark demonstrated a long-term effect for female patients participating in football fitness. "Our study shows that untrained women with high blood pressure benefit greatly from Football Fitness in respect of blood pressure, body fat percentage, bone density and physical fitness. This form of football can rightly be described as effective and broad-spectrum medicine for women with high blood pressure," said Krustrup. The study recruited 31 untrained Faroese women aged 35-50 with high blood pressure, of whom 19 were randomised to Football Fitness training of one hour for two to three times a week over one year, corresponding to an average of 128 sessions. Football training was proved to be an effective broad-spectrum medicine, with positive effects on blood pressure, body fat percentage, bone density and physical fitness. According to Krustrup, the results of the project, backed by 14 years of football research, show that football can be used for effective prevention and treatment of a number of lifestyle diseases, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. "Football Fitness training comprises high-pulse training, stamina training and strength training, which explains why the women derived such significant and broad-spectrum effects on physical fitness and health by playing football for a year. What is more, they enjoyed the training and the attendance levels were high," he stated. In a direct comparison with the inactive control group, the women engaged in football training derived significant positive effects on blood pressure, body fat mass, triglyceride, bone mass and interval fitness. (ANI)