Paramount Bed exhibits new healthcare products

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2017 15:07 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Dec 28 (ANI): Paramount Bed is a manufacturer specialised in making beds used for medical care and in nursing care environments. These beds are used not only in Japan but also around the world.

The developed products create a comfortable health care environment since such kinds of functional and safe medical/nursing beds are always required on site. The bed's mattresses also combine high functionality and durability.

The group philosophy of Paramount Bed is based around supporting medical persons, users, patients, and caregivers with advanced technology and a sense of kindness in each product.

"Paramount Bed develops, manufacture and sell a wide range of healthcare products not only medical and nursing care beds. During the research and development stage, it's important for our products to reflect the voice of the customer. We research potential needs and consider the end user's perspective when we develop our products. As part of this process, we have adopted a universal design and we conduct simulations that replicate users who have lower levels of mental and physical functions. We do our best to design products that are easy to use, not only for the care recipients but also for the caregivers," said Yosuke Kimura, Official, Paramount Bed.

The level of product quality not only meets the IEC and other international standards; Paramount Bed also conducts product testing to survey our own in-house standards that are even stricter. Based on these efforts, Paramount Bed was granted a Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry award for excellent product safety in Japan, in 2015.

The products were displayed at an exhibition on medical equipment held in Tokyo. Many People who are interested in medical care and nursing care visited Paramount Bed booth, visitors are eager to listen to the person in charge about how to use the new functions of the latest models.

"Recently the medical bed cannot be seen as just a bed, as it can now observe the biological reactions, these added-value features are becoming more and more prevalent, as for Paramount Bed it is on the forefront and it is very interesting for me to learn about it," a visitor said.

"Japan will become an aged society in around 2025 and 2030, and in order to maintain the quality of current nursing care, we need the development of such welfare equipment. At the same time, I think that as users we will have to improve our skills through learning how to operate these new technologies," another visitor added.

Paramount Bed has factories and offices in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam and is developing mainly in the medical and nursing care fields in Southeast Asia. They are also planned to advance to India and Mexico in the future.

Along with the medical and nursing care environments, the growing Paramount Bed will continue to provide comfortable products all over the world.(ANI)