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'Human textile' to replace conventional sutures

ANI | Updated: Feb 06, 2020 22:50 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Feb 6 (ANI): A group of researchers has come up with a unique form of yarn made up of human skin cells that could soon replace conventional sutures in surgical procedures.
According to CNN Health, surgeons can use this 'human textile' for knitting, sewing and crocheting damaged organs.
The scientists from the University of Bordeaux, France, suggest that their invention could "truly integrate into the host's body."
They stated in their study that appeared in the Acta Biomaterialia that "this novel strategy holds the promise of the next generation of medical textiles that will be mechanically strong without any foreign scaffolding."
The researchers further said: "These human textiles offer a unique level of biocompatibility and represent a new generation of completely biological tissue-engineered products."
Normal sutures pose a risk of eliciting a detrimental immune response from the patients' bodies.
"Most permanent synthetic biomaterials are recognised as foreign by the innate immune system, which leads to the well-described 'foreign body reaction' upon implantation."
Stating its efficacy, the scientists wrote: "This material can be used as a simple suture to close a wound or can be assembled into fully biological, human." (ANI)