Medical experts must collaborate for solutions to diseases that are difficult to treat

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2018 13:29 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 24 (ANI): The non-surgical and minimally-invasive Stem Cell Technology has emerged as the most promising medical procedure for diseases like diabetes, heart problems and is increasingly being recognized as mainstream medical science, said prominent international and Indian doctors participating in STEMCELL XPRESS, an international conference on Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine & Anti-Ageing processes.
StemCell Xpress opens today with 3 days stem cell workshop and international conference. Cosmostem Institute of Regenerative Asthetic Medicine and StemGenn Therapeutics conducted stem cell training and doctors and scientists participated across the country.
The global Regenerative Medicine market is expected to touch USD 39 billion by 2021, up from about USD 13 billion in 2016 with India contributing a handsome share of that.
The market for this kind of medicine in India is pegged to grow at 20-25 percent annually and reach USD 146 million by 2021, the doctors said.
The conference underpinned the need of collaboration among individuals from diverse medical backgrounds to provide treatment for augment solutions for diseases that are difficult to deal with like diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases such as stroke, hypertension, etc., cancers that are difficult to treat and recover from post treatment, neurodegenerative diseases such Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's Disease etc.
"In India, this growth rate is anticipated to be much higher as the economy is growing well and the number of families with disposable is rising. Indians can particularly take advantage of Regenerative Medicine as there is a wide-spread fear of surgeries but this medical break-through is non-surgical and almost non-invasive," said Dr Prabhu Mishra, co-founder and CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics and Organizing Secretary, STEMCELL XPRESS.
"The market for cosmetic procedures for enhancement of looks and face is about to explode in India and existing dentists, dermatologists and orthopedic doctors can look forward to multifold opportunities in their fields with solutions that stem cell therapy has to offer," added Dr. Mishra.
Scientists and clinicians from around the globe belonging to different medical reigns like stem cell transplantation, metabolic medicine, cosmetic gynecology, cell based aesthetics, ortho biologics, therapeutic cloning, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine delved on various medical solutions like reversing diabetes in 7 days, regeneration of joints as a viable alternative for replacement, rejuvenation of ovary among post-menopausal women to have their own eggs enabling pregnancy, stem cell therapy for vascular and auto-immune disease, vaginal rejuvenation, application of mesenchymal stem cell to detect parental genetic disease, fat reduction and various anti-ageing mechanisms.
"A whopping 425 million people worldwide are living with diabetes and India accounts for about half of the global diabetes burden. The incidence of diabetes is expected to jump significantly in the next 5-10 years. We need effective and lasting solution to the problem of diabetes and Stem Cell Therapy is a bright ray of hope. This Therapy can prevent the microvascular complications of diabetes by managing it," said Dr. Graham Simpsom, Scientific Advisor StemGenn Therapeutics.
The conference acted a podium for global investment and collaborations among people of the medical fraternity to engage in the new-age but thoroughly tested techniques for solving problems of patients. There were various round table discussions, presentation and multiple conference sessions on subjects like back-ache solutions, breast augmentation and restoration, dento-facial rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation.
Stem Cell Therapy can help the patients leverage the body's natural ability to heal itself by injecting regenerative cells into damaged tissue in order to initiate a rapid growth of healthy tissue. These cells are capable of regenerating the cartilage tissue, bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments and vertebral disc cartilage.
StemGenn Therapeutics is a torchbearer in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. A promising enterprise, it focuses on development and commercialization of cell-based therapeutics. It is a leading player in the field, which has developed a niche for itself in the development of cellular therapies and stem cell research. (ANI)