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Nature's boon for good health Amla

ANI | Updated: Dec 17, 2017 07:35 IST

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], Dec.17 (ANI): Amla known as Dhatri ( God of Health) can be effectively used to treat many diseases.

According to Acharya Bal Krishan of Patanjali Ayurvedic, Amla is widely regarded as a healing fruit for heart disease, piles, arthritis and other ailments.

Acharya Bal Krishan sees Amla as nature's boon. Legend has it that it grew from drops of divine nectar that fell on earth during a fight for its possession between the gods and demons.

Amla has amazing healing properties for various ailments. Here is a list of them and how the application of this fruit correctly can offer a cure:

. Eye Disease: Take 20-50 gm Amla and crush them well and boil them in 1/2 kg water for two hours and filter the water well . Store the mixture in cool and dry place . use this mixture thrice in your eyes . It is very effective for eye problems.

. Swelling in eyes: Make a hole in the Amla fruit still on tree and collect the liquid which comes out of it and apply it on external areas of your eyes. It cures swelling in dry part of the eyes.

. Grey Hair: Take 30 gm dry Amla,10 gm Bahera,50 gm kernel of mango seed ,10 gm of iron powder and soak them in a pot in the night . Apply it on hair next morning as paste . This will solve problem of preying hair at early age.

. Other Hair Problems: Take Amla , Ritha and Shikakai and make their tea and apply it on hair and later wash it with clean water . It will give thick, dark and long hair.

. Vomitng: Take 10-20 ml juice and add 5-10 gm crystal sugar .Its 2-3 times intake will prove effective in vomiting.

. Acidity: Add 25 gm crystal sugar and honey in 1-2 mug fresh Amla and take this mixture regularly in morning and evening. It will cure acidity.,

Take 10 gm seed of Amla and soak it in water in the night and mix the paste in 250 gm cow milk . It is very effective in excessive acidity.

. Constipation: Triphla made of Amla is very useful for constipation . Take 3-6 gm triphla churna with luke warm water daily in night and it is very effective for constipation.

. Piles: Make paste of Amla and apply it on earthen pot. Fill this earthen pot with butter milk and regular intake by patient is very effective for piles. If you have excess bleeding from piles. Mix amla powder with curd cream and regular intake 2-3 times will provide effective cure.

. Arthritis: Take 20 gm dry Amla and 20 gm jiaggery and boil them in 500 gms water and when the mixture is reduced to 250 gms on boiling then filter it well . The regular intake by patient in morning and evening is very effective in Arthritis . Avoid intake of salt in meals during intake of this medicine .

. Diarrhoea: Take five to six Amlas and make its paste and apply it around the navel of the patient and fill the navel with ginger juice .This medicine can cure even severe diarrhoea conditions also.

. Acute Jaundice: Take 125-250 mg Laubhasma and take it with 1-2 amla .It will cure and also useful for anemia

. Itching: Roast Amla Kernel in fire and add coconut oil in its ash and apply mixture on affected area and it will provide cure to the problem.

. Leprosy: Take Amla and Neem in equal quantity and make their fine powder and lick 10 gm powder with honey every morning . It will cure leprosy /

.Long Life: If you use Amla powder added with ghee , honey , water at the time of going bed .It will prove beneficial to eyes,appetite and keep you young Take 3-6 gm amla powder and add some amla juice , two spoon of honey , one spoon ghee and use the mixture twice a day . It will keep you young. (ANI)