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Nigerian teen takes first steps after being bedridden for two years

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2018 13:33 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 18 (ANI): For over 2.5 years, 19-year-old Zinatu Umar, a schoolgirl from Nigeria, was left bedridden following a near fatal car accident in September 2016.
Travelling at the time in a vehicle with her school friends, she was rushed to a local hospital, where primary treatment was administered. The doctors revealed that she had sustained injuries from her hips to her feet and required surgery.
Her femur was plated (bone extended from hip to the knee) and a grip was put in place for the hip to function, she was subsequently discharged.
In February 2017, she underwent another surgery; local doctors had recommended a corrective procedure for her hip deformity. However, her condition had worsened.
Due to lack of technological advancements and expertise, doctors in Nigeria stated that her condition could not be fixed. The young girl had to bear with her hip sticking out of the socket (area of the thigh bone) as the ball and socket had completely shattered. This left her bed bound at home, unable to walk,making her miss school.
With hope on any improvement fading, she was being looked after by her father, a civil servant. After some research on the internet, Zinatu and her family with an optimistic approach came to Mumbai where she met Dr Kaushal Malhan, Sr. Knee & Hip Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mulund.
Post evaluation of her hip and knee, it was found that her hip, the socket and the ball were shattered. Dr.Malhan recommended for her to undergo Total Hip Replacement(THR) and reconstruction surgery. The procedure was conducted reconstructing the hip and socket through grafting of the bone. The surgery was successful with an implantation of the new ball and socket to the affected hip.
Talking about the successful outcome, Dr Kaushal Malhan, Senior Knee and Hip Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mulund said, "The patient had not gone to school for over a year and was completely bed ridden. She was looked after by her father and sister continuously, not one to give up hope, she pushed herself to get the right treatment. Post-op she is now able to walk by putting half her weight on the knees by using crutches; has been put on medications and will soon return home, start going to school and continue with her further studies."
Total hip replacement and reconstructive surgery is a procedure where the damaged ball and socket of the hip joint are completely removed and are replaced with locally available bones. The entire surgery was conducted within 2.5 hours; the patient was monitored continuously post-op and was discharged within a week.
Speaking about the treatment provided, Zinatu Umar said," I am unable to express how difficult this phase was for me. The pain has now disappeared and I look forward to walking normally like before. I will soon go back to school and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor." (ANI)