SandPuppy Fitbelt is first-of-its-kind wireless heat belt

ANI | Updated: Nov 21, 2017 11:46 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Nov 21 (ANI-NewsVoir): SandPuppy Fitbelts, smart, wireless heat belts for relief from pain and fatigue have made a debut just ahead of the winter months. Body aches and pain, caused by a variety of reasons from sitting long hours at work, driving, travel, strenuous living, working-out, running and housework has a negative impact on the quality-of-life.

The epidemic of pain is a big health problem faced in India today and WHO estimated that chronic pain affects 30 per cent of the adult population.

SandPuppy Fitbelts offer the ideal panacea for body aches and pains and are designed to help users - from millenial to seniors alike maximize their days and keep them on the move. Body aches and pains are aggravated during cold and wet weather as we hunch ourselves up when we are cold, making muscles tighter and less mobile.

SandPuppy Fitbelts come in two variants - SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS and SandPuppy Fitbelt.

SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS allows the user to control the heat level and the degree of vibration through an app while SandPuppy Fitbelt has a single button operation, with three heat levels.

Both SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS and SandPuppy Fitbelt provide deep penetrating heat, which warms the affected areas and softens the surrounding muscles and tissue allowing the body to relax and rest deeply. An added micro-vibration feature in SandPuppy Fitbelt PLUS helps the body by improving blood circulation in the area and reducing pain and fatigue. Made with soft stretch lycra that gives the user the warmth and comfort of a hug. It's simple to use, safe and it's built to last.

SandPuppy is made with a flexible carbon fibre with superior heating performance that does not deteriorate over time. The patent-applied heating element structure is designed to be "reflective", focusing most of the energy into your body for maximum relief. The Fitbelt works only when it is unplugged. It works only with its own battery power, which is of a much lower voltage making it literally the safest heating belt possible.

"The objective of designing SandPuppy Fitbelt is to assist people suffering from body pain and fatigue in the back, shoulders or joint and provides quick relief anytime anywhere, on the go. It is a smartly designed, non-obtrusive, technologically advanced belt that can be worn at home, office, flight or while driving without any difficulty. SandPuppy Fitbelt is extremely effective as it covers a large area with heat level that can be controlled depending upon individual requirement. Thus, allowing you to do more, everyday," said Prachi Kamat, CEO. (ANI-NewsVoir)