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Scientists inch closer to effective treatment of Macular degeneration

ANI | Updated: Dec 27, 2019 09:25 IST

Washington D.C. (USA), Dec 27 (ANI): In a recent study, researchers have inched closer towards effective treatment of Macular degeneration (AMD) through advancements in artificial retina implants.
Macular degeneration (AMD) is an optical condition that causes blindness and is also the cause of severe vision loss. No potential treatment of the condition has been found by scientists yet.
The study which was conducted by researchers from Stanford University and Bar-Ilan University was published in the recent issue of the journal Current Biology.
"We used a unique projection system which stimulated either natural vision, artificial vision or a combination of natural and artificial vision, while simultaneously recording the cortical responses in rodents implanted with a subretinal implant," said the doctoral researcher Tamar Arens-Arad.
The implant used by the researchers for this study was constructed using dozens of small solar cells and electrodes.
"These pioneering results have implications for better restoration of sight in Macular degeneration (AMD) patients implanted with retinal prosthetic devices and support our hypothesis that prosthetic and natural vision can be integrated into the brain, "said another researcher Prof. Yossi Mandel.
"The results could also have implications for future brain-machine interface applications where artificial and natural processes co-exist," said another researcher Prof. Yossi Mandel.
Through the study, Researchers found out evidence that indicates the brain having the knowledge of integrating natural vision with artificial vision while maintaining processing important information for the vision. This may have implications towards better treatment of AMD using advancements in retina implants. (ANI)