This doctor juggles perfectly between family and career

| Updated: Oct 04, 2016 23:20 IST

New Delhi,[India] Oct 4 (ANI): Woman today are walking hand in hand with the men folk and are not restricted to the four walls of the house. Women today are achieving milestones in their career and are also managing their homes successfully. One such example is Dr. Megha Joy Shah. Dr. Megha handles her home and profession efficiently and maintains a perfect balance between her family and career. Currently, with her wide experience in handling cosmetology and over 150 technologies, she is giving a new direction to the bustling field of cosmetology. She has been actively contributing to the development of safe and more result oriented technologies. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and a successful cosmetologist, Dr. Megha Joy Shah is a loving wife and a doting mother. She makes sure to maintain a balance between her family, kids and work. She believes that success has common pathway-hard work, strict disciplinary and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys every bit of her work and finishes her OT sessions while the kids are in the school. She makes sure to have lunch with them and finish her schedules by 5 pm. She has a wonderful team that follows a particular work flow processing system to organize their work. In her spare time, she loves playing musical instruments, listening to music and cooking. Dr. Megha is a proud mother of two boys and a fitness enthusiast and have always believed in giving time to health. She spent 45 minutes- 1 hour every day in cardio workout and jogging. She starts and ends her day early and is highly conscious about her food habits. A pure vegetarian, she takes anti-ageing treatment from Venus to cease the ageing process of the skin, once in 2 to 3 months. In the near future, Dr. Megha Shah wants to establish Venus Treatment Clinic Outlets with around 25 clinics across Gujarat and North India. She envisions a brand that solely gives opportunities to young and middle aged women of India. With so much to her credit, she is always filled with passion, joy and a constant desire to excel in the field of cosmetology. Her go-getter attitude is truly inspirational. (ANI)