This season nachos have really gone wild!

| Updated: Feb 09, 2017 19:44 IST

New Delhi [India], 9 Feb, (ANI): Gone are those days when people used to satisfy their gluttony with regular flavours of nachos. Its time for nachos-lovers to go wild as nachos too have gone wild! Hard Rock Cafe has come up with a whole new bucket nachos in its menu to kick-start their festival 'Nachos Gone Wild.' Bringing together influences from across the world on your Nacho plates, the offering boasts of an exclusive mix of classic, authentic and quirky variations. Have you ever imagined a combination of Shawarma and Nachos? Ever thought how heavenly it would be if Pizza, Pepperoni and Nachos came together? How about aloo, kabuli channa and all things desi being tossed together with Nachos? Doesn't sesame wantons Nachos laced with melted cheese sound interesting? Ever heard of Nachos whipped up with Apple and Walnut crumble? Fusing innovation with some of the most in - demand flavours, the tantalizing line - up of Nachos include Pizzachos, Rodeo Nachos, Desi Nachos Chaat, Lebanese Nachos, Pepperoni Pizzachos, Tex-Mex Nachos and Oriental Nachos. Dessert devours can satiate or treat their sweet tooth with the Apple and Walnut Pie Nacho crumble. Every pick on the menu has been paired with a uniquely crafted Margarita like the Mojitarita, Bulldog Margarita and Cranberry and Lychee margarita among others. Commenting on the first of its kind Nachos festival, Jay Singh, co-founder, and executive director at JSM Corporation said, "It's all about creating unique experiences for its guests - be it food, drinks or music. We like to be the hub of innovation and our constantly striving to invent and experiment. We have belted out a long delectable slate of Nachos and Margaritas that are extremely distinctive and exciting. This is our little tribute to all the Nacho lovers out there!" Expressing his views, Chef Cyrus Irani, culinary director at Hard Rock Cafe said, "With this new festival, we are certain that the way to a foodie's heart can be through some of our Nachos! After much trials and testing, the best ones have featured on the menu. Putting years of culinary artistry to use, every offering has been put together to make it the ultimate Nachos experience for our guests!" Nacho freaks can head on to relish some never - tried - before Nachos at the live music destination. They might also be surprised to see their favorite one make it to the all year long regular menu!" So people out there, go and munch the nachos of your choice. (ANI)