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World Mental Health Day: Expert calls for change in attitude towards mental health awareness

ANI | Updated: Oct 09, 2019 18:41 IST

New Delhi (India), Oct 9 (ANI): Since there is no specific age for one encountering issues of mental illness hence depression, anxiety, and stress has become a rampant problem among Indians.
Nowadays people experience enormous stress due to strained financial conditions, workplace and tensed relationships, hence making India one of the most depressed countries in the world.
"6.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some form of serious mental disorder, it shows mental health is emerging as a widespread disease. The serious issue is that there is no particular age group for this order, it can affect anybody," said Clinical Psychologist of Columbia Asia Hospital, Dr Shweta Sharma.
With the treatment of mental health disorders being the need of the hour, Dr Shweta suggested that other than common people, "policymakers should also be encouraged to promote the availability and access to cost-effective treatment of common mental disorders at the primary health care level."
Based on a report from the World Health Organization, depression will be the single biggest cause of ill health in the world by 2030. The rising toll of suicide cases, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), gaming addiction, and adolescent depression is increasing exponentially.
The effect of stress not only shows upon one's mental health but adversely influences physical wellbeing.
Since mental and emotional disturbance may gradually start showing its ill-effects on physical and societal health, founder of Srauta Wellness, Praveshh Gaur emphasised on the need of , "recognising and carrying large-scale campaigns addressing the need to spread awareness, develop empathy and support towards the people who are struggling with a mental health problem is urgently needed."
While it's easy to find any mental disorder in adults, for parents or caregivers it's hard to find out if their child has been having any kind of stress, anxiety or depression.
"In my clinical experience, 9 out of 10 parents or caregivers are not aware that their child has been having this suicidal ideation." Therefore, Dr Preeti Singh, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from Paras Hospital advised that "it's ok sometimes to even ask if they ever felt this way [depressed or suicidal].
"Don't miss the signs in your young ones when they are feeling hopeless, showing reckless behaviour like rash driving or unprotected sex, poor self-care and hygiene, talking about suicide or have no reasons to live, self harm behaviours, increase alcohol or drugs, researching about ways to die," said Dr. Preeti Singh, Sr. Consultant Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Paras Hospital. (ANI)