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Hitachi: The brand that is offering the best HVAC solutions for small businesses
Hitachi: The brand that is offering the best HVAC solutions for small businesses

Hitachi: The brand that is offering the best HVAC solutions for small businesses

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2022 14:50 IST

New Delhi [India], September 17 (ANI/GPRC): For small businesses that require HVAC solutions to maintain comfortable indoor conditions without greater operating expenses, commercial HVAC energy-efficient technology is a major priority.
When examining small businesses, investing in technologies that fulfill both their expected functions and make reducing energy expenditure simple seems vital for successful performance. Understanding commercial air conditioner energy efficiency can be difficult, if not impossible. As a result, business owners frequently seek out units with technical features that surprise them and that seamlessly fit into the environment where they are installed, whether they be indoor or outdoor units.
It should be simple to invest in technology that helps businesses with cost management, and air conditioning is no exception. Hitachi Cooling & Heating India strives to provide precisely that--essential cooling and heating technologies that surprise and simplify monitoring of operational costs. In the end, by assisting you in using energy more effectively, your business will ultimately save money
In this article we look at:
- The Hitachi AC ranges perfect for small to medium-sized businesses
- Other technologies we offer to provide efficient comfort
How Hitachi VRFs, Ductable ACs and Ductless ACs can help your business
Hitachi Cooling & Heating India aims to help keep operational costs under control with the lineup of VRF systems, ductable air conditioners, and ductless air conditioners that we offer. Hitachi VRF systems are the perfect match for indoor environments that constantly change and require climate control technology that easily adapts and maintains an optimal level of comfort. Hitachi VRF units are packed with industry-leading energy efficiency technology to help give business owners complete control over their operational costs.
One of these features is called SmoothDrive, which allows the VRF system to provides precise comfort and achieve energy savings at partial load & low load operation. This technology is available in our successful Sigma Top Flow ODU & also found inside our recently introduced Hitachi SideSmart VRF, SideSmart VRF is the world's first slim modular side flow VRF solution. It has been designed to adapt to projects of all sizes and be installed practically anywhere. Thanks to the modular concept and size of the units, less refrigerant is required, lowering running costs.

VRF indoor units offer motion sensors, which give business owners the benefit of the Auto-Save function. When a room becomes vacant, the indoor unit will progressively reduce its operation and comes with the option to turn off automatically if a room is vacant for a long period of time.
This, coupled with extensive yet easy-to-use fixed and mobile controller options, means business owners can schedule their system in tune with their business hours and monitor and customize numerous indoor units from one control point.
Furthermore, features like our patented communication system H-LINK and the ability to adapt to various piping layouts mean that initial installation costs are lower and smarter investment in the long term.
Hitachi's Ductable and Ductless air conditioners are innovative and smart cooling solutions for commercial spaces. Our ducted AC units are an ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, resorts, villas, offices, etc. Our Eco series Ducted air conditioners are ergonomically designed with reduced power consumption. The Microprocessor based intelligent controller offers precise control over the unit. Scroll compressors offer high volumetric efficiency with low power consumption and less noise.
Toushi range Ducted ACs offer factory Charged and tested refrigerant, ease of installation, ease of operations and safety features that are made according to the customer's needs. It's Phase starting of Compressor provides a delay between the start-up of compressors of the same machine. One of the most impressive features of Toushi range ducted AC is its "Part Load Operation of Multiple Compressor", which shuts off the compressors automatically in a phased manner when the room temperature is close to the set temperature. This saves power to avoid overcooling which affects the operating cost. The Tropical design of our ducted ACs allows for cooling up to 52°C.
Hitachi's ductless air conditioners are innovative cooling solutions for light commercial applications. Our ductless air conditioners give your interiors an unobtrusive look. Its technological and aesthetical design make it suitable for large showrooms, hotels, shops, resorts, offices with cubicles and rooms with low ceiling. Ductless split ACs are also equipped with high-quality heat exchangers that maximize cooling and reduce power consumption. Ductless split AC is smart enough to automatically set the desired temperature at a specific time without someone having to change it again. The 5 modes of operation, i.e., Cool, Fan, Dry, Auto & Powerful for customizedcooling available in the Hitachi Cordless Concealed unit, and 2 modes of operation- Cool & Fan for customizedcooling are available in Hitachi Wire Concealed unit.
Other technologies that provide efficient comfort include
You can now control your Hitachi air conditioner from anywhere with the help of airCloud Home. It is a smartphone app that lets you operate Hitachi air conditioners from anywhere by connecting to the cloud via WiFi.
Functions include air conditioning settings (temperature setting, fan speed, airflow direction), a weekly timer, and a simple timer. The more advanced features are the s enabling automatic AC operation based on the user's location and the energy cost estimator.
In addition, Hitachi airCloud Home is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers, enabling hand-free control of indoor comfort with voice command. airCloud Home is available with selected Hitachi air conditioner models. For more information, go to Hitachi Cooling & Heating India.
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