AASA organises its 10th 'Bohagi Utsav'

ANI | Updated: Apr 10, 2018 19:48 IST

New Delhi, [India] Apr 10 (ANI): The All Assamese Students Association (AASA) in New Delhi recently organised its annual cultural extravaganza, 'Bohagi Utsav' depicting the quintessence of bohag or the rongali bihu.

Among the three types of Bihu, 'Bohag' or 'Rongali' is celebrated to mark the onset of the Assamese New Year and the spring season.

Hundreds of students from the northeast region come together at the annual cultural extravaganza. The event was organized by AASA with an aim to ensure that the students staying away from home do not miss out on the festivities.

Speaking to ANI, General Secretary of AASA, Mrigen j Kashyap said, "I am very happy that we are organizing our 10th Bohagi Utsav and it is a long journey. We are taking forward our seniors legacy."

"To give that homely feeling to the students and to breach the cultural gap between northeast and the mainland India is our main motto. We showcase our different cultures. We are happy that we have organized the festival in the mainland of Delhi University," he added.

The event started with a group of young students, dressed in colourful traditional costumes, presenting 'Mukoli Bihu 'or open Bihu, a traditional Bihu dance.

"The indigenous 'Bihu' tradition is shying away and I think it is the generation gap. Young people of this generation are not aware of our indigenous 'Bihu' culture so we are focusing on to bringing that out to the audience," AASA vice president Debashish Kashyap.

A dance drama was also showcased by a group of talented artists, primarily to help the youngsters understand the significance of 'Bihu.'

A series of cultural performances by renowned Assamese singer Neel Aakash, who belted out some hits including 'Buku hum hom Kare' were also witnessed.

Tribute was paid to legendary singers like Jayanta Hazarika, Archana and Khagen Mahanta, whose contribution has been immense in the field of art and culture.

Extraordinary performances of traditional 'Bihu' dances such as Jeng Bihu, Husori by highly spirited boys and girls and Assamese folk dances were exhibited.

Young Assamese actress Amrita Gogoi also graced the occasion.

"I feel amazing, because of this 'Bohag Bihu', everyone stays away from Assam missing home, and right now we are getting this homely feeling, it makes us so happy," said Gargi Priyardarshini, a student of Delhi University.

Shiv Sarkar, Secretary of Arts and Culture Society, Zakir Hussain College said "It is great to see the Assam's culture so closely. The best part of this celebration is the unity among the students and they are so well cultured and traditionally rich."

People from all walks of life gathered to experience the true culture and spirit of Assam. (ANI)