Delhi Book Fair beckons bookworms

ANI | Updated: Sep 02, 2017 22:33 IST

<p>New <a href="/search?query=Delhi">Delhi</a> [India], September 2 (ANI): A wave of pleasure hit <a href="/search?query=Delhi">Delhi</a> when it was adorned with the <a href="/search?query=bestsellers">bestsellers</a> of all times.</p><p>The <a href="/search?query=bookworms">bookworms</a> had a treat when the best books were available at amazing discounts in the Capital.</p><p>The book fair that began on September 26 witnessed a huge number of visitors even on the eighth day and was highly appreciated by the young and old alike.</p><p>Today's main event was the release of three books published by <a href="/search?query=Pigeon India">Pigeon India</a>, 'Dil se dil tak,' 'Zindagi ka safar,' 'Open Secret-Key to Unlimited Success.'</p><p>The books were released by the renowned Hindi author and poet Dr Ashok Chakradhar, who appreciated the beauty of the simple writing style.</p><p>The author of the books in Hindi, Shachi Kant, said that the books were influenced by his own life experiences and hence, they weren't too complicated to understand.</p><p>Dr Nity Sharma from Pitampura visited the fair today and gladly shared her enthusiasm. Being an avid reader, she expressed how eagerly she awaits for the book fair every year. She bought her favourite <a href="/search?query=Dan Brown">Dan Brown</a> books -'Angels and Demons,' 'The Lost symbol,' and 'Inferno.'</p><p>Twishaa and Tyulip, students of Bal Bharti, Pitampura were thrilled when they visited the stationery stalls and bought some crayons, sketch books and their favourite <a href="/search?query=Ruskin Bond">Ruskin Bond</a> and <a href="/search?query=Roald Dahl">Roald Dahl</a> books.</p><p>On the penultimate day of the fair, people enjoyed the aura of artistry and creativity. Children were happy buyers of stationery and art materials, making the event a success. (ANI)</p>