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Ganesh Chaturthi 2019: Rules to abide by while placing Ganesha idol

ANI | Updated: Nov 08, 2019 11:51 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Shri Ganapati or Gajavaktra is one of the most loved Hindu deities. Not only is he worshipped and admired by Hindus, but is equally honoured by Buddhists and Jains.
Being the patron of arts & science, remover of obstacles, keeper of wisdom, and lord of beginnings many people gift small idols of Ganesha to their loved ones, wishing for prosperity in their lives.
Risabh Jiwane's mother also gifted him an idol of Vijaya Ganesha when he was leaving his home last year for higher education.
While Risabh, a student of IIT Delhi, knew that the sacred idol needs to be placed properly, he never paid attention to the details as to how.
"While giving me Bappa Murti, my mother said it is a special Ganesh idol and would surely bring success in your life. She reminded me that idols need to be properly placed for good luck and blessings. Though I have heard about the rules of Ganesh sthapana end number of times, it never occurred to me before living alone how exactly is it done," he described.
Like Risabh, there are many who are unaware of the guidelines for placing the Ganapati Murti in order to strengthen the vibrations of bliss and success. So here are the important tips by Vastu Experts, Reecha Sharma and Chetan Sharma for placing your Ganapati murti!
Direction - Bappa's idol shall be seated in the North East, North, or East direction and never in the South, South West or South-East part of the home or office area.
Placement - Put the Idol in such a way that the back of lord Ganesha faces the outside of the home. Make sure that the idol is not placed near the toilet or a wall adjoined with the washroom/toilet.
Also, if you live in Villa/Bungalow then avoid placement under the staircase at any cost.
Position - Ganpati statue should be in a sitting position so that God stays in your home. Whereas, for pandals, it could be in a standing position.
Trunk positioning - While placing the Ganesha in home ensure that the trunk of the idol is tilted left, as it is believed that deity with trunk tilted right is hard to please.
Other elements - The Gajavaktra's idol shall be loaded with his favourite elements such as a mouse, known as his conveyance and laddoo/modak, his favourite sweet.
Murti size should be 9 inches or above. Wrapping the idol in yellow is recommended. Don't forget to place a Kalash filled with water in front of Bappa. (ANI)