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Here's what friendship means to youth!

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2019 17:10 IST

New Delhi [India], August 3 (ANI): Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of our life, as it is a beautiful and indefinite bond between people having similar or different passions, emotions and sentiments.
Everyone needs a special and loyal friend to share bad or good moments. True friendship gives you memorable, sweet and pleasant life experiences.
Describing her definition of a best friend, Riya, a student of graduation school said, "Friendship is one's comfort zone where one does not have to hide any emotions or feelings. Friendship gives strength to get through the worst phases in life. You know when we face those days when everything is going wrong but just five minutes conversation with our best friend makes it up."
"A friend is a person who is a part of your sorrows and friendship is a bond of trust and respect you share with that person. A true friend of yours will never think of his/her benefit. You need a true friend to make your life more beautiful," explained Aayush, a college student, remembering his college time.
Explaining her own perspective of friendship, Suvriti, cabin crew with a private airline said, "Friendship is the best relationship. Even a parent and child share a friendship bond. It is an emotion where you just can't help being happy in their presence, no matter how bad you are going through. It is the affection, love, care that two people have for each other."
"A real friendship doesn't mean exchanging messages 24*7 but somebody who is there when you need them, somebody who doesn't demand anything or complaints about petty issues, somebody who teases you, makes fun of you, and will never praise you in front of you. A true friend never stabs you behind your back," said Garima expressing her views on friendship. (ANI)