Here's why nature connects Aruna Vasudev and Achal Kumar

ANI | Updated: Apr 19, 2018 14:50 IST

New Delhi, April 19 (ANI): Anything in shades of black and white is timeless and intriguing, be they brush or painting. It is rightly said that nature can never betray the heart that loves her. It remained the shining factor in the brush strokes of Aruna Vasudev, and captures of Achal Kumar.

There's one thing that connects the photographer and the painter. Nature.

In one of the photographs of Achal, a flock of birds (that were not flying) adjusted themselves on an electric pole. It arrived with a deeper message. Creatures who are known for building nests on trees are using electric poles as substitutes - why, because even in a city like Delhi, which has campuses (JNU, IIT) and parks (Garden of Five Senses) akin to forests, there are no trees.

"This picture shows that human habitats have destructed the trees and how we have harmed nature. Birds now have to sit on poles," said photographer Achal Kumar.

"In the shades of black and white, I love telling a story, without the colour that causes distraction," he added.

It wouldn't be completely wrong to say that Aruna grew up in the lap of nature.

"I always loved trees, hills, forests, moonlight and son. I grew up in the hills so it's very much engrained in me," said Aruna Vasudev.

In short frames and long, she filled her corner of the room with mountains both caped with snow and enjoying the rays of sunlight.

Their paintings and photographs are being exhibited at India Habitat Centre from April 18-23. (ANI)