Indulge in the soulfulness of Sufism with Roohani Sisters

ANI | Updated: Jan 30, 2018 23:30 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 30 (ANI): The Valentine month of February is all set to engulf everyone. To make this month even more enchanting, The Citizen Alliance is bringing together some of the popular names of music together in The Walkfree Concert and Carnival.

Delhi is going to witness three popular names from the different genre of music; the very famous Sufi singers- Roohani Sisters, Euphoria and The Revisit Project are going to create a musical ambiance which will leave people spellbound on February 3, 2018. The day will showcase these talented singers who are going to leave everyone enthralled with their spectacular performance.

"Delhi is a place where people love music and appreciate all forms of it. We have received an overwhelming response for Sufi music before this and are expecting a similar experience again on 3rd February," said Roohani Sisters, who will perform on the eve of February 3.

Apart from Roohani Sisters, the band Euphoria and The Revisit Project will also be performing live. TRP or The Revisit Project is a result of the fusion of multitalented singers from different walks of life.

With this, the Delhi people are not only going to witness some of the great performances but at the same time, they will travel a mystical journey of contentment. (ANI)