Kohima hosts the first 'Naga Day'

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2018 13:38 IST

Kohima (Nagaland) [India], Jan.18 (ANI): Nagas residing across India converged at Khuochiezie, a local ground in Nagaland capital Kohima to mark the first "Naga Day" for reconciliation and to redefine the idea of unity and togetherness.

Organized by the Forum for Nagas Reconciliation under the theme, 'Nagas Without Borders', the historic day witnessed members of the Naga community sharing a single platform with their colorful traditional attires.

Speaking on the occasion, Reverend Dr. Wati Aier, Convener, Forum for Nagas Reconciliation, said, "Today is a great day. You can see thousands of people are already gathered here. An idea and thought for Nagas reconciliation came across several months ago and now it has become a reality. The rationale behind the Naga Day is to bring together all the Naga people; it is not a political gathering, but it is along the line of socio-culture solidarity of the Naga people together."

While the event witnessed various celebrated speakers sharing their knowledge and thoughts with special focus on belongingness and oneness in good spirit, the event was also seen as a way of promoting their richly blessed traditions and diverse culture.

K.K. Sema, a participant, said, "A day such is this is an acknowledgement of our own homecoming where we believe that we deserved to begin to look at ourselves a little differently where we look at each other as brothers, whether you are from the North, South, East or West, it doesn't matter. But the fact remains that the Nagas must begin to live together because if we want bigger things, all of us must put our heads together.

Tribal warriors from Konyak tribe opened the historic event by beating of 'Kong', firing guns and followed suit by the Naga choir.

The performance of the Featherheads showcased the exotic heritage of the Tangkhul community, whereas the Nagaland Chamber Choir and various other homegrown artists presented songs on the occasion.

The event urged the people to create positive history for the time to come.

Niketu Iralu, another participant, said, "I would like to propose that this acknowledgment and celebration of what our history has given us should take us in the creative direction; I believe God is showing us and that is reconciliation within our society through the healing of our wounded relationships which will enable us to grow properly with mutual goodwill and cooperation by lifting us up instead of the opposite bringing us down."

Thousands of Nagas from all walks of life gathered under single accord and affirmed themselves as every Naga has a role to contribute in the process of nation building.

Such event creates a platform and instills a positive vibes to the people especially the younger generation and strives for betterment in life. (ANI)