New Delhi celebrates the Arunachal Mopin Festival

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2018 18:03 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr, 3 (ANI): Known as one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, Galo community celebrated its pre-agricultural festival with a cultural fiesta in Delhi.

They celebrate this festival to seek agriculture blessings from the Mopin deity for a healthy harvest.

Keeping alive their roots in the modern age, the community celebrated the festival with the aim to bring awareness of the rich culture to the other parts of the country.

The official date of the festival is fixed on April 5, but the preparation for celebration started from April 2.

The celebration was held by Galo Aao Society in Delhi at Arunachal House in Chanakyapuri and it earmarked glimpses of various cultural performances which includes cultural dance, folk music and the exotic cuisine and local rice brew 'Opo' of the Galo community.

The smearing of rice powder on each other's face marked the beginning of the festival.

Speaking at the auspicious occasion as chief guest, Indian Army Major General Jarken Gamlim said, "It is heartening to learn that the younger generation has not forgotten their roots. We all know that it is hard to replicate the kind of festivals that we celebrate back home but what is more important is to keep the spirit of Mopin alive like today's celebration."

"Mopin is our annual festival and we would like to have this festival every year even though we are away from home. Because while we celebrate this Mopin, we get a chance to indulge ourselves in our culture and showcase our culture to other places as well," added Todak Daniel Doye, President, Galo Aao Society Delhi.

A dance troupe from the Delhi University Maitreyi College's Northeast Cell thrilled the audience by their beautifully choreographed traditional dance.

Following the performance, the event featured some well-known singers from the region like Gemo Dium. Audiences were also awestruck by Gampi Padu Hibu's performance as she belted out some of the hit songs of Bollywood singer Asha Bhonsle. The event also presented diverse culture of the region as student community walked the ramp under the theme 'Fusion' and showcased collections of the community.

"The reason for celebrating this festival is to remind us of the culture and the traditions of our ancestors. And many of our youngsters can hardly speak our Galo dialect and try to understand what is Mopin. So somehow this occasion gives the knowledge of the festival and dwell into our culture and tradition," said Dr Mizum Nyodu, Asst. Professor, Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

This glorious celebration also featured who's who from the region including Former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh PK Thungan, Member of Lok Sabha Ninong Ering, Robin Hibu, Joint Commissioner, Rashtrapati Bhavan Secretariat, New Delhi and David Lalrinsanga, Joint Commissioner, Delhi Police Special Police Unit for North East Region and several other high profiles from the state of Arunachal Pradesh. (ANI)