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Planning to surprise the women in your life? Take inspiration from these gifting ideas

ANI | Updated: Mar 07, 2022 16:01 IST

New Delhi [India], March 7 (ANI): International Women's day is here, and it's time to make all the ladies out there feel special. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.
Women around us play a vital role in our lives by making us grow personally and professionally, and that too most of the time unknowingly. Hence, won't it be great if you appreciated them for their efforts and dedication. And for that, we have curated this special list of gifting ideas that will put a smile on her face, just like she brings to yours.
1. Dinner date/Lunch date
It's well known that time is an irreplaceable gift, hence, you can spend some quality time with the special women in your life by going on a lunch or dinner date with them. Take them out for an experience that lets her know that her presence is all that matters to you.

2. Books by a female writer
For those who are looking for something that's inspiring and makes her grow, then there is nothing better than a book. There are plenty of female writers who have written stories on women that are inspiring. On this day, go ahead, and look for the book that you want to gift to the special woman in your life.

3. Jewellery
Though a bit more inclined towards materialism, still, the efforts of women can be appreciated by gifting them a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings. This will surely remind them that you are grateful for the efforts they put to make you happy.

4. Earphones
Listening to music is an activity that is unanimously liked by everyone. Thus, gift her a pair of great earphones so that even on the days that she is feeling low, the beats of music can uplift her and bring back that lost joy on her face.

5. Spa day
There is one thing that most women have missed to death during the COVID-19 pandemic and that is the spa. However, now that the restrictions are being relaxed, you can book her a spa appointment delivered at home filled with rejuvenating massages and hot oil rubs instead of the usual traffic navigating hustle to work.

6. Personalised pen
You can add a personal touch to any average pen by simply engraving the name of a person on it. Be it your writer friend or partner, a personalised pen is one of the best ways to surprise her on International Women's Day and inspire her to write more and better.

Though women can sometimes be notoriously difficult to shop for, these excellent gift ideas from us are sure to impress every woman in your life and make International Women's Day memorable for them. (ANI)