Ship's Cat
Ship's Cat

'Ship's Cat' art piece to celebrate 160 years of France-Japan diplomatic relations

ANI | Updated: Aug 10, 2018 22:43 IST

Paris, [France] Aug 10 (ANI): Marking the 160th anniversary of France-Japan diplomatic ties, public art piece named 'Ship's Cat' is set to be displayed at an exhibition in Paris.
The exhibition is scheduled to take place this month in the Louvre Museum of the city.
Keeping alive the collaborative efforts, the art piece will use fuse techniques of modern art and the traditional Japanese culture of washi paper for the first time.
In a press conference held for this exhibition on July 3 at the Consulate-General of France in Kyoto, the importance of SHIP's CAT was discussed.
Also, the plan to establish Liberte, a popular boulangerie representing the food culture in Paris, in Kyoto was also one of the agendas in the conference as this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Kyoto-Paris Friendship Pledge.
"Ship's cat" is a sculpture created by a modern artist from Japan Kenji Yanobe. It was made for the safety and hopes of travellers around the world and features a motif of cats that served as guardian gods of journeying during the Age of Exploration. (ANI)