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Teachers' Day: Punishments that became reasons for smiles, friendships

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 17:03 IST

New Delhi (India), Sept 4 (ANI): From standing outside the class to rewriting a whole lesson for bad handwriting, innovative punishments given by our beloved teachers are the most memorable ones. Some are sour while many were so amusing that we still fondly remember them and share them with our buddies.
Even after passing out from the school, reminiscing those golden days still make us wonder how cool and funny those days were and there is no better day than Teacher's Day to go down the memory lane.
Fondly recollecting the good old say, Priyanka Sarkar, a corporate professional, remembered the fondest yet most rib-tickling memory of her favourite mentor, Rini Gulati, teaching a perfect lesson to boys after Valentine's Day.
"It was 7th or 8th grade. A day after Valentine's Day, my and I classmates were celebrating 'Slap Day' with no teacher in the class. And it was then when Rini Gulati ma'am walked in. The class became quiet and we were trembling with fear. While entering she saw boys hitting girls but not the other way round. So she made boys stand in a queue and we girls were asked to slap them. Yes, it was a shock and also a dilemma, but we enjoyed every bit of it. Now, it is hilarious when I recall the incident with friends," Priyanka shared with a laugh.
Innovative punishments by teachers have not only been a way to straighten naughty students but have also been the reason behind many strong bonds and friendships.
So many of us have been thrown out of classes for one reason or the other and ended up roaming around the corridors. But Nidhi Pathak, a mother of two, happened to make the most out of that punishment by finding her BFF Zoya.
"Zoya and I were sent out of the class for not doing the maths homework. We enjoyed our stupid chit chat so much that we intentionally stopped doing homework to get thrown out of the class daily. I pity that teacher, in fact, all of them who think the punishment is the solution. However, I thank that teacher for that punishment to date... We are completely opposite yet BFF since then... Treasuring our friendship more than 24 years and still counting," said Nidhi, with a big smile on her face.
It's not just the school or college that gave us the best of the memories, we can't deny that tuition centres have their own share of making us giggle.
"My coaching teacher was no less than Hitler. He used to make us stand outside, beat us with a wooden scale for not mugging up lessons. One day I forgot my tuition copy at home, so he made me go back home and bring it. So, it was then when I realised, I can totally reduce my one hour class a half an hour session by simply forgetting a notebook," said Vaidansh Sharma, an engineer at Wipro.
"Though I didn't like my teacher Kamlesh Sir back then but I am very grateful to him for believing in me and helping me become an engineer," added Vaidansh.
Teaching not only takes brains but heart too. Somewhere we all are thankful to the mentors we met at school, office or colleges for sharing their valuable knowledge with us.
Happy Teachers' Day! (ANI)