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The 'ghee diyas' -- 'Sughandeep' (Image courtesy: Sameer Mahajan)
The 'ghee diyas' -- 'Sughandeep' (Image courtesy: Sameer Mahajan)

Thane based entrepreneur creates 'ghee diyas' to revive age-old Diwali customs

ANI | Updated: Nov 12, 2020 00:54 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 12 (ANI): In an attempt to revive the age-old ancient practices of the country, a British national of Indian origin has kickstarted an endeavour to promote 'ghee diyas' this Diwali.
The entrepreneur, Sameer Mahajan who had returned from London earlier this year is currently living in his hometown in Maharashtra's Thane.
Mahajan is producing home-made 'ghee diyas' to bring back the traditional way in which Diwali was celebrated in Ayodhya when Lord Rama had returned after his triumph over 'Ravana.'
Speaking to ANI about his venture 'Sulata', the 41-year-old entrepreneur said that he is trying to bring the authentic Indian aromas to the forefront through his products.
"I have tried to run on the periphery of aroma, whether its aromatic spices or diyas," he said.
He spoke fondly about his range of 'ghee diyas' and said, "The product is Sughandeep. As the name connotes Sugandh and deep, so that is a fusion. In today's times, we are all reviving a lot of old things, old customs."
"For a person like me who has lived in London for like 15 years now, I believe that there is a reason why things and age-old practices are said to be done. There is a reason why a particular thing is said in our scriptures like Vedas and Upanishads. I did a little homework on them and came up with the ghee diyas," he added.
Mahajan further told ANI that the traditional homemade ghee lamps are available in two variants, vegan-friendly Vanaspati ghee lamp with a rose fragrance and a cow ghee variant with a Jasmine flavoured fragrance.
The 41-year-old entrepreneur also elaborated upon the significance of lighting traditional 'ghee diyas' on the festival of lights.

"Diwali has meaning and links in all our previous history. Since the festival is celebrated during the winter season, ghee is good and the more you go up north in India, the colder it gets," he told ANI.
"When you light a ghee diya, that aura and warmth that the ghee creates soothe you," he added.
Besides the two 'ghee diyas', Mahajan has also come up with a special lamp -- Bhimseni Jot -- that is composed of the purest camphor, the 'Bhimseni'.
The founder of 'Sulata' credits Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' (self-reliant India) initiative for the inception of his venture. He is using the power of social media to market and sell his produce.
"I want to work with the 'Make-In India' concept here at 'Sulata'. We (India) can be 'Atmanirbhar,' we have all resources. The best part is that we have a big market. I want to take our products to an international platform to show the world that this is what India has to offer," he said.
"This is the time as Mr. Modi (PM Modi) said that everybody has to be Atmanirbhar now. We all should go vocal for local," he added.
Besides lamps, 'Sulata' has a range of traditional spices and a special oil that Mahajan along with his mother and their house-help create at their Thane residence.
With the COVID-19 pandemic rendering many jobless, most of the Indians are pledging to go 'vocal for local' this Diwali season as advocated by the Government of India.
Promoting the same with his authentic home-made products, Sameer Mahajan is attempting to bring the joy of celebrating Diwali in the traditional style with his aromatic 'ghee diyas' or his 'Sughandeeps'. (ANI)