First Anal Naga Fashion Fest held in Delhi

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2017 06:24 IST

New Delhi [India], October 26 (ANI): With the onset of the season of festivals, Anal Naga Tribe celebrates the Chavan Kumhrim, the harvest festival which is one of the most important festivals of the tribe in Delhi recently.

To celebrate its 15th edition, Anal Naga Union, Delhi Organised a series of activities which included Cultural activities likes dance, singing and comedy.

In an initiative to promote Naga culture through Fashion as part of the harvest festival, Delhi Fashion club in collaboration with the Anal Naga Union presented the 1st edition of 'Anal Naga Fashion Fest', which is part of a series of events to promote North East in Delhi.

The show was beautifully showcased the richness of the culture of Anal Naga and Nagas as a whole and the designs were the amalgamation of western silhouettes paired with the Naga cultural accessories.

Organised under the theme, 'Self employment and Women empowerment in Northeast youth In Delhi', the show was beautifully choreographed and directed by Delhi Fashion Club- North East Wing Tokila Sinruwng and Harshit Dhingaun.

In line of promoting youths from the region in the field of art, Chairman of Delhi Fashion Club Harshit Dhingaun said, "Soon we are going to start Skill Development workshops for the Northeast youth in Delhi with the support of IIFT (International Institute of Fashion Technology) in field of make-up, fashion and creativity."

Malakhi Sinruwng, an upcoming fashion designer from the region showcased her garment designs with international supermodel Pooja Bhasin as the showstopper of the event.

The Anal Nagas had many fests but a few of them continues, amongst them 'Chavan Kumhrin' festival is the only fest which has attained popularity and become tribe's mere great fest in a modern era.(ANI)