Have a saree affair at this Dastkar fair!

ANI | Updated: Sep 13, 2017 14:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 13 (ANI): Dastkar is hosting The Grand Saree Fair at Nature Bazaar from September 21-25.

The five day carnival-cum-exhibition will feature the most spectacular line of products, representative of crafts by artisans from around the country.

The Kalamkaris from Andhra Pradesh, Bandhanis from Gujarat, Linens & Tussars from West Bengal, Ikats from Odisha, Gamcha Sarees from West Bengal, Ajrakhs from Gujarat, Jamdanis, Tokli, Cottons & Kanthas from West Bengal, Chanderis from Madhya Pradesh, Kotas from Rajasthan, Banarasi Sarees from Uttar Prades, Calligraphic & Khadi Sarees, Shiboris by Mura Collective Madhubanis by Malvika Raj, Maheshwaris by Nasir Ansari, Concept Sarees by Barhamasi & Creative Bee, Paithanis & Patolas by Artisan Saga, Ikats and Patchwork Sarees by Har.Yarn.V are sure to steal your heart away.

Kalamkari art and printing is concentrated primarily in Andhra Pradesh. Literally translated as 'pen craft'; with 'kalam' meaning pen and 'kari' meaning art, it is among the most beautiful traditional Indian art forms and involves block printing or hand printing, typically done on pieces of cotton fabrics. The unique feature of the Kalamkari art is that it makes use of only natural colours or vegetable dyes.

Then the Ajrakh textiles, one of the most complex and fine forms of block-printing in the world which have existed for centuries, examples of which have been discovered in medieval Egyptian tombs at Fostat dating back to around the 15th Century.

The quality, colours and designs shown in those ancient fragments are still to be found in the Ajrakh textiles produced with equally great skill today by the Khatri community that settled in Kutch, Gujarat, over 400 years ago.

The Grand Saree Fair unfurls such unique collection of artistry, crafted and designed from inner depths of souls by artisans from around the country.

Besides these, the 25 participants in the fair are not your regular run-of-the-mill players. Each participant weaves and produces high quality, premium sarees.

Apart from this, the carnival is tantalising to food enthusiasts every bit as they can relish delicious regional cuisines.

It will also feature some really engrossing saree draping demo workshop by Rta Kapur Chishti, author, researcher & design developer at Taan Baan on September 23 which will make the exhibition a fun-filled affair for the visitors. (ANI)