Japan's Rinnai launches luxury products in China

ANI | Updated: Dec 08, 2017 18:22 IST

Shanghai [China], December 8. (ANI): Shanghai Rinnai Corporation Limited has opened a product experience type showroom named Shanghai Rinnai Flagship Experience Center, considering that the Chinese consumers are looking for high value-added products.

Speaking on the occasion, Katsuhiko Shinji, Director of the company said. "The era of large mass production and enormous mass consumption of products in fading away, and being replaced by luxury, experience, and sensibility, with characteristic sales and exhibition methods becoming mainstream."

He went on to say that, "In the Rinnai Experience Center, you can experience the heating of water, heating of the room, cooking and other experiences powered by actual gas, water and electricity."

Employees at the Centre are trained to act as "life creators" in order to let consumers experience the products with full of their attractiveness in a limited time period.

In addition to introducing products, the Experience Center also promte events of cultural exchange.

Elucidating the concept, Juan Shen of Shanghai Rinnai said that he Experience Centre is not only Japanese and Western style cooking classes, but also for events related to lifestyle such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony and Yoga etc.

"We are planning to build about 30 experience centers in China by 2020," he told adding that "China has transitioned to become a consumption power house, it becomes important to devise measures and ideas to suit the new needs," said Shen. (ANI)