Picture courtesy- Twitter
Picture courtesy- Twitter

Now turn your hair into a vase of flowers!

ANI | Updated: Sep 11, 2018 16:33 IST

New Delhi [India] Sep 11 (ANI): Just when you thought you had tried all possible hairstyles, a new trend is here and it can't get any more creative. Called 'Flower vase hair', the style is inspired by Beyonce's Vogue cover shoot, in which the American singer turned heads with her floral headwear.
In this bizarre trend, a bunch of flowers is inserted in hair creatively which makes your head look like a flower vase.
Twitterverse went berserk a day after Hong-Kong based Youtuber, Tayor R, uploaded a tutorial for all fashion enthusiasts to create their own versions of the trend.
She wrote, "We all can't wear gardens on our head because we're not Beyonce so wear the more practical version now. #FlowerVaseHair is here, create yours."

"The world isn't ready for this level of fashion #FlowerVaseHair" a user tweeted.

"Just to be certain ... before I "officially" attempt #FlowerVaseHair - I needed to make sure I have the right hair to bottle ratio. Do I have enough @iamtay_tay ???" wrote another.

Another tweeted, "@iamtay_tay stepped up the #FlowerVaseHair by adding a cute filter to hide the fact that my hair is actually way too short."

"My spawn started the #flowerVaseHair in May. She is a trendsetter," reacted a user.

Another user tweeted,"I stole my mom's fake flowers ?? #flowervasehair."

The September issue of Vogue also features Beyonce and Rihanna donning massive floral arrangements. The pop stars were seen wearing huge hats with blooming asters, roses, orchids, buttercups and flowers of all kinds .

So what are you waiting for? Start picking out the flowers of your choice! (ANI)