All you need to know about Budokon Yoga!

ANI | Updated: Mar 16, 2018 15:46 IST

Hong Kong [China], Mar. 16 (ANI): While yoga is something which has made its place in the lifestyle of all fitness freaks, a new version of the practice has been doing the rounds lately - Budokon Yoga.

Dubbed as the fusion of yoga, martial arts, and animal locomotion, the Budokon yoga is considered to help one attain a toned body, according to the South China Morning Post.

Budokon, which translates to "the way of the warrior spirit", helps one achieve athletic strength and higher levels of mobility, as it is influenced by distinct martial arts and the dynamic practice of animal locomotion.

Offering an insight into the practice, Tony Robson, a certified Budokon instructor at Babel Fit - the only gym to offer Budokon classes in Malaysia at present - as quoted in the report, said, "Unlike other forms of yoga, Budokon provides an extra dimension that involves continuous circular movement in all planes of motion."

"We focus more on the transitions between the poses rather than holding the poses themselves, which means we discover how to move gracefully and fluidly from one pose to another."

Here are six insights that are cultivated from this invigorating practice:

- Builds your upper body strength

Budokon is said to help rebalance the strength between your upper and lower bodies, hence, building up your upper body strength and a stronger core.

- Helps in letting go your inner animal

The yoga incorporates animal movements as a method of training which helps in increasing your mobility and muscle conditioning.

According to Robson, mimicking the animal practices requires to hold off your body weight which leads to strength building in the arms, chest, shoulders, back, and core for a full-body workout.

- Helps clear your mind

One of the primary benefits of animal locomotion is that it challenges the mind. Commenting on the same, Robson said, "In order to move in these unusual patterns, the brain, nervous system, and muscles are required to work in unison, integrating the mind and the body".

The whole union of nerves and muscles leads to a focused mind.

- Another form of cardio!

Budokon is also a cardio which makes your heart pump with all its worth. Robson said, "Like other forms of yoga, Budokon yoga on its own is not particularly cardio intensive, but when we add the animal locomotion and martial arts training aspects into the mix, the practice becomes much more intensive and cardio-demanding".

- It can get you a black belt

Though it is not necessary to have a belt to practice Budokon, it can be an option if you want to have one.

- It is an acquired practice!

You might not like it the first time you try it, but over time and little practice you will get a hang of it.

Robson said to not feel discouraged about it, "It takes time and lots of practice to become comfortable with Budokon, as you're moving in a way that you wouldn't normally".

He concluded that though it's a challenge, both mentally and physically, it is still important to come to class with an open mind and assuredly, you will end up having fun. (ANI)