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Change in the way of administration of vaccine can boost its potency: Study

ANI | Updated: Jan 05, 2020 16:07 IST

Pittsburgh [USA], Jan 5 (ANI): Bringing a change in the way of administration of a vaccine to an individual has been proven as a better technique to boost the protective power it possesses.
Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that causes more deaths than any other infectious disease despite its vaccination being given to the patients.
The research was conducted by the researchers of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID).
The study led to a result that intravenous vaccination of TB is more protective against diseases as compared to the conventional techniques of direct injection of the vaccine to the ski.
"The effects are amazing. When we compared the lungs of animals given the vaccine intravenously versus the standard route, we saw a 100,000-fold reduction in bacterial burden.
Nine out of 10 animals showed no inflammation in their lungs," said JoAnne Flynn who led the study.
"The reason the intravenous route is so effective is that the vaccine travels quickly through the bloodstream to the lungs, the lymph nodes and the spleen, and it primes the T cells before it gets killed," added Flynn.
This further provides evidence that the mode of administration of a vaccine to patients plays a pivotal role in its action against diseases. (ANI)