Here's another fun way to gun down those extra kilos

ANI | Updated: Oct 04, 2017 14:34 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 4 (ANI): The fitness industry is booming and so are the ways by which one can burn some calories. Apart from the conventional gymming, aerobics and yoga, there's a new kid on the block - Laser Tag.

Did you know you can burn 200 to 500 calories from a simple laser tag game? With the festive bells ringing, blaring to be exact, the penchant to look your very best is at an all time high! If you want a quick fix to fitness then laser tag is the way to gun it.

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are two key factors. Having fun is third.

The 21st century offers a quick and novel recourse to burn some calories - laser tag!

Laser tag, largely thought of as a juvenile time-pass, is in fact a fun and innovative way of exercise to gun down some extra kilos and fire up those muscles.

The game is similar to any other shooting game like paintball or airsoft but instead of shooting pellets, there are beams which get caught by sensors on a participant's vest. It involves a lot of movement, running, skilled hand-eye coordination and mental exercise.

A survey conducted by 'Oh My Game' gives credit to the growing acceptance of 'laser tag' as a fitness alternative - "Majority of our customers said that they play laser tag for a good cardio workout. A game of laser tag can burn 200-500 calories", said Aakritti Sethi, founder of Oh My Game.

Run, duck and dart into shape as Aakritti Sethi lists a host of benefits that laser tag has to offer.

- Cardio

Running on the treadmill, with time and distance flashing in front of the eyes can get pretty boring. Laser tag being an immersive play requiring constant movement can turn into an enjoyable cardio workout with numbers and calculations taking a backseat. Cardio improves the overall functioning of the holy grail of muscles - your heart and what better way to do it without pain and struggle.

- Agility and Mobility

With laser tag participants having to constantly be on their toes, it is another great way to increase agility and alertness. Being physically and mentally stimulating, the game improves response rates and gauge time in handling various situations apart from the play.

- Hand-Eye Coordination

With participants constantly on the look-out to avoid being beaten or gunned down, the brain is stimulated to respond immediately resulting in mental exercise and a surge in the hand-eye coordination which makes one a better judge of visual cues and actions. Hand-eye coordination is important not just for sports but routine tasks such as driving, writing and typing all involve a level of synchronization which laser tag provides in abundance.

- Improves stamina and focus

As participants run, duck, lunge and dart and get their cardio on, the adrenal gland of the body is triggered to respond with an increase in adrenaline levels that results in a heightened awareness and focus. With continuous movements stamina levels also improve. This furthers the chance for long-term fitness with regard to lower blood pressure, increased metabolism and lower stress levels.

Also, continuous attempts of strategizing during play help increase planning skills thereby improving focus.

- Whole Body movement

Laser tag allows for the whole movement of the body - you sprint, bend, lunge, jump and dart without even realizing that the muscles are in for a good flex . The diverse scope for movement allows to burn calories much faster and also gives full control of the work-out in the hands of the participant. (ANI)