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Here's how to maintain healthy lifestyle while going to work

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2019 17:32 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 24 (ANI): Having a busy work schedule that includes long flights, sleep deprivation and the pressures of work can make life stressful and exhausting.
It can be very difficult to maintain health goals when a person is jet lagged and dealing with major weather changes, preparing for an important work meeting or gearing up to meet temperamental clients over dinner, cited CNN.
Here are tips to help clean one's mind, lower heart rate, keep oneself focused and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
-Don't drive
Skip travelling in taxis and rental cars and when possible find a more active way to get to meetings. One of the best way to travel is by walking. Places like New York, Boston and Miami are designed for pedestrian exploration.
However, if the office is far from the hotel, one can opt for public transit if possible. A lot of places like Paris or Portland also offer bicycle sharing systems which can be a healthy fun way to travel from one place to another.
-Swap happy hour for a culture fix
Going to the nearest hotel steakhouse for drinks and appetizers, though appealing may not necessarily be best for a healthy lifestyle. One can, instead, squeeze in a visit to a local museum.
According to experts, viewing art is a great way to calm down after a long day with co-workers.
-Get off the treadmill
Even if the hotel offers a gym, you're not going to see much besides the standard machines and barbells. If the weather is favourable, heading outdoors for a jog, engaging in a game of tennis or basketball or a visit to a local park are good ways to de-stress. (ANI)