Here's the ideal diet before and after workout!

ANI | Updated: Sep 07, 2017 13:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 07 (ANI): Regular exercise and workout are important to keep the body fit and healthy. It is therefore essential to consume nutritious and healthy food while keeping the body hydrated in order to keep it well for a long run.

Thanks to the modern lifestyle, people are so occupied with their daily routine that going to the gym is the best option to maintain a healthy life by following a strict fitness routine. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, the muscular bodies of celebrities influence many people to go and hit the gym straight away!

According to The American College of Sports Medicine, proper food and liquid should be consumed before, during and post workout in order to balance the glucose concentration.

It helps in boosting up the performance and enhances the recovery time. The athletes or people who work out regularly should drink plenty of water and other fluids pre and post workout to maintain the loss of fluid from the body.

Often, people get confused regarding the diet which is to be taken pre and post workout.

Deepti G Dua, Dietitian Mutation Diet Clinic, Gurugram has thrown some light on the ideal diet to be consumed before and after the exercise.

-Before workout foods

When it comes to boosting up the workout, carbohydrates are essential as they help in controlling weight and provide energy before a workout. Banana, cinnamon etc. are great if consumed before the workout.

Yogurt is the best source of protein. Nuts help in maintaining the insulin level during the workout.

Here's a list of the best foods that should be consumed before workout-

1. Fruits like banana, apple etc.

2. Muesli and Milk

3. Dry fruits - almonds and walnuts

4. Smoothie

5. Milk plus cereal

6. Porridge

7. Oat meal

8. Juices, coconut water

9. Lemon and honey water

10. Flavoured yogurts

11. Flax seeds, salmon seeds, and chia seeds

-After workout foods

Eggs are one of the best known sources of protein and help in faster recovery of muscles as well as growth. Salmon helps in balancing the insulin level and also decreases the muscle inflammation.

In order to restore the glycogen level after a workout, sweet potato will be the best. Tuna contains more carbs and proteins with fewer calories and are highly nutritious.

Adding proper food in your diet after a workout will help in restoring the energy and recovery.

1. Egg whites, omelette and toast

2. Baked veggie with 1 potato

3. Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread

4. Oat meal, wheat flakes, cereal with fruits and nuts in milk or curd.

5. Cottage cheese

6. Bleach coffee after weight training

7. Peanut butter toast

8. Whey protein can be consumed naturally; the water which gets left over is a byproduct of paneer and is known as whey.

9. Natural protein shakes milk plus egg white which is a blend of toned milk plus egg white plus honey.

10. Hand full of nuts like almonds or raisins. It is rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

A planned diet will surely help in losing weight faster. Missing pre workout meals will decrease the intensity of exercise due to less stamina and strength which will further reduce the blood pressure which is not a good sign. Also, post workout meals help in regaining the energy and calories. (ANI)