Academy of Pastry Arts all set to host 'Pastry Queen India 2017'

ANI | Updated: Sep 07, 2017 08:54 IST

<p>Gurugram [Haryana], Sept. 07 (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>): It's time to commemorate the queens of ?the patisserie world? as <a href="/search?query=Academy of Pastry">Academy of Pastry</a> Arts is all set to host the 2017 <a href="/search?query=Pastry Queen India">Pastry Queen India</a>, a prestigious platform set to celebrate the fairer stalwarts of pastry making.</p><p>This prestigious event is set to be held on September 8th & 9th at its <a href="/search?query=Guru?gram">Guru?gram</a> campus, with pastry mavericks from length and breadth of the nation, competing for the coveted prize of India's top Pastry Chef/Chefs.</p><p>The best of the chefs would be awarded the most prestigious prize, as they get to represent the country in <a href="/search?query=Ladies World Pastry Championship">Ladies World Pastry Championship</a>, held at SGEP, Rimini, Italy.</p><p>The competition is set to be a rigorous test to prove one's dexterity in the art of pastry making, their proficiency, technique and ingenuity in creating bespoke masterpieces that soothe the eye and pique the tongue.</p><p>The final participants for the title are <a href="/search?query=Reema Gupta">Reema Gupta</a> (The Oberoi, Mumbai), Radhika Kulakrni (Taj Lands End, Mumbai), <a href="/search?query=Rumana Jaseel">Rumana Jaseel</a> (Incredible Art, Kochi - a standalone Patisserie), Eureka Araujo( <a href="/search?query=Academy of Pastry">Academy of Pastry</a> Arts) and<a href="/search?query= Riya Arora"> Riya Arora</a>(The Leela Palace, Bengaluru).</p><p>On the announcement, <a href="/search?query=Major Dinesh Sharma">Major Dinesh Sharma</a>, Co-founder, <a href="/search?query=Academy of Pastry">Academy of Pastry</a> Arts, said "We are delighted to host such distinguished contest in our campus. Set to celebrate the might woman chef's of the industry, this competition would provide them a separate platform to showcase their innovation and talent.</p><p>As the winners of this championship get to represent India in ladies World Pastry Championship, we aim to bring out the best of every pastry chef and provide them their share of limelight."</p><p>The jury members for the event are - Chef Gordon Gela, Executive Pastry Chef, Andaz, Delhi; Chef Avijit Ghosh, Corporate Pastry Chef, Hotel Leela Ventur; Chef Manisha Bhasin, Senior Executive Chef, ITC Maurya, New Delhi; Chef Parvinder Singh Bali, Corporate Chef Learning & Development - The Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development. (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>)</p>