Ajinomoto Lakson Pakistan
Ajinomoto Lakson Pakistan

Ajinomoto contributes to meal life in Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Oct 02, 2018 20:47 IST

Karachi [Pakistan], Oct 02 (ANI): Despite being a developing country, Pakistan's food industry is thriving year by year and Ajinomoto plays a huge role in contributing to the meal life of the people in the country.
Ajinomoto Group, which produces and sells various seasonings and processed foods in more than 130 countries and regions globally, is one of the major companies contributing to Pakistan food industry as well.
Ajinomoto Lakson Pakistan was established in 2016 and is responsible for supporting various aspects of the people of Pakistan daily, especially in terms of food industries and home cooking. The company continues to research and develop products in order to deliver better food to more people.
A member of the company, Abbas Jaffery, said, "We want to contribute to Pakistani household wellness. And we aim to do so through our market offerings. Products are receiving an overwhelming response from markets and business food industries. Many shops in local markets are lining up these products before other foodstuffs."
A retail shop owner, said, "My customers love "Masako" and "Crispy Fry" because they make everyday dishes more and more delicious. Many customers buy these products repeatedly because they enhance the flavour of Pakistani dishes like Daal."
The company's main aim is to provide better products and they are doing so by respecting and looking after the country's different lifestyle.
The door-to-door selling is one way of reaching the customers, adding a personal touch. The salespeople visit homes to appeal for the products' good taste. Umami taste is now becoming familiar to many people in Pakistan as a result of these activities and efforts.
The company's brand ambassador, talking about the door-to-door selling, said, "Door-to-door selling is important in Pakistan because most housewives don't go outside for shopping. We go to each family's house to introduce our products' deliciousness and usage."
Now, in many home kitchens in Pakistan, the use of 'umami' seasoning is widespread, and it is loved for various reasons including easiness of use and better arrangement of the dish.
Japanese food technologies are contributing to a healthier and better life for people in Pakistan through making food products with the highest quality. (ANI)