Ajinomoto helps improve Thailand's food industry

ANI | Updated: Apr 11, 2018 12:37 IST

Bangkok [Thailand], Apr. 11 (ANI): Ajinomoto is leading the food industry in Thailand through its vision of being a global company while contributing to the improvement of people's lives. It is not only focusing on producing quality products, but also improving the environment in Thailand.

AJI-NO-MOTO is well known as an umami seasoning. It is made from 100 percent natural ingredients of cassava and sugarcane, which are carefully grown by farmers in Thailand. These 100 percent domestic raw materials are turned into starch and molasses after some processing, and finally take on the appearance of the final products.

"The crops are plentiful. I am very proud when I see them. Cassava itself has a good weight and starch. I am also very proud to be one of the Thai farmers who deliver natural raw material to "AJI-NO-MOTO". And I obtain high quality fertiliser to take care of our crops," said a local Thai farmer.

AJI-NO-MOTO seasonings are produced by the process of fermentation. At the same time, a large amount of organic by-products are created. This by-product is called "Ami-Ami", and contributes to agricultural industries. These are the starting points of making products for ingredients.

"Ami-Ami is a co-product of Ajinomoto. It is fermented liquor full of amino acids and a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, which is very useful for the soil and the crop itself," said Kazuyuki Nakamura, the President of FD Green Thailand.

The sustainable Ajinomoto group concept "Bio-Cycle" is characterised by having no waste in the process of making products. These by-products also make use of fertilisers and are mainly supplied to the farmers and growers. They are returned to farms and help plants to develop, increase crop yield, and improve the soil. These will lead to gain fine quality of ingredients which guarantee 100 percent organic farming materials.

"I am proud of my job because I know that I am improving agriculture in my home country. Not many entrepreneurs care about environmental preservation. I don't grow crops, but I feel that it is my mission to help them grow in the best conditions and in an eco-friendly way. I want to deliver a smile to farmers through Ami-Ami," said Nattapong Supmaneenan, an official from FD Green Thailand.

The modern technology of Japan is contributing to the environment in Thailand while still supporting the production of safe and high quality products for the lives of many people. (ANI)