All that you need for a monsoon-friendly wardrobe

| Updated: Aug 14, 2016 18:49 IST

By Pallavi Aman Singh New Delhi, Aug 14 (ANI): Hello monsoon! Are you back to dampen our style quotients? Well then, let's play the game of fashion. Samarpita Dasgupta, Fashion Director of Roposo, is here with her tips to help you rain-proof your look this season. "While most of us are glad that the dreadful heat has come to an end, monsoon is not always something to look forward to. Especially with dull sky, splashy roads, frizzy hair, and the fear of getting drenched at any point of time, we need our arsenal to fight the season if not stay prepped," she told ANI. Dasgupta added, "With the pitter patter every now and then and an autumn at cove; it is rather challenging to pick a new wardrobe just for the season. What we however suggest is picking a few key items that will not burn a hole in your pocket and can easily be used for seasons and years to come." Monsoon witness brighter and bolder colours on the streets to keep the fifty shades of grey at bay and keeping in sync with the pop, here are the season's 11 fieriest monsoon essentials. 1. A classic piece of clothing, trench coats not only keep you ascetically warm but also make sure you look effortlessly chic while at it. A statement piece to say the least, it has been established as a monsoon must-have and that one piece that undoubtedly elevates an outfit. Pick them up in the waterproof variant to make the most of them during this season. 2. Colourful see-through handbags are a must buy for those who like experimenting and have a flair for offbeat fashion. An add-on that's been trending in the recent past, these bags are anything but conventional. A handy transparent PVC tote is one cool yet functional addition to your wardrobe especially for this season and even beach days! Anything made of leather is a no go zone to avoid long term damage and instead canvas and PVC bags work wonderfully well for the rains. 3. Quirky and unlined, PU coats would have been frowned upon a countless number of times in the days gone by, but ironically these are turning out to be quite a rage among today's fashion conscious population as their interpretation of style and utility expands at par. They come in varied range of colours and length. The coats are perfect for when there's an unexpected rainfall and a clever way to show off your outfit all at once. 4. Certainly a sought and most utilized accessory in every household, an umbrella is changing the colours of the street every day. From the throw of neon pop to the prints galore, these are a much required necessity that functions in one's favour while not only being exposed to the rainfall but also the harshest of the sun. These have become more of a fashion accessory over time and are definitely worth investing in. If you are sure your monsoon will not last beyond a drizzle, pick umbrellas up with dainty lace details or even with ethnic trimmings. 5. A smart style option for the season without compromising one bit on the durability and comfort, gum boots have replaced the usual combats for today's pop culture generation. Manufactured typically for that purpose, you would be surprised to see just how many celebrities and style icons sport a pair at music concerts and festivals. These boots are not only great to stomp around in through slush, clogged street-ways or even otherwise, but ultimately manage to add color and eccentricity to your entire look. 6. Pick top wear made from Nylon and Polyester blends to facilitate easy drying. The whole outfit could be layered with a light t-shirt or shirt inside and a pop color nylon jacket to keep the gloomy rainy day away. 7. Monsoons always call for a splash of colour and ease in your wardrobe rather than the splash of a puddle on the road. Shoes are a crucial element to any outfit fix especially during a downpour. Start with footwear in acidic hues made of PVC/Silicone and that will jazz up any dull day or outfit. 8. Candy-colour shorts help not just in the pop trend meter but also in avoiding the grime sprayed misty pants. Pair them with easy dry tops in muted colours, put on the matching lipstick and you are all set to ace the monsoon game. 9. A boho print head gear or some funky earrings, monsoons let you experiment with a lot of non-metal jewelry and accessory. Keep all of your precious metals in safe, and go for neck-pieces or bracelets made of beads or plastic. 10. Apart from coming in handy for a "forgot-the- umbrella" monsoon day, neon scarves are style statements that can be paired up with a solid trench coat to include the fun element. If nothing, the ones in pink and green can sure act as traffic light that can prevent a car plopping you from head to toe. 11. Anti-frizz hair serum is a super essential part of your wardrobe just as much as your monsoon day outfit or shoes. Our hair starts to rebel as soon as the slightest humidity sets in and no matter you flaunt; shabby frizzy hair breaks every outfit. Keep your tress tamed with a drop of frizz control serum that also helps nourish damaged hair. Enjoy the monsoons to its fullest with "petrichor" familiarities and a cup of hot tea. Just remember to not combine all the wardrobe picks for the season to avoid being hijacked by a circus. The key to the game is mix and match. Combine a drag piece with an exciting one and add on that one piece of accessory to make a statement. Now, getting caught out in a downpour is no more a nightmare! (ANI)