Divyam Mehta's designs: Ode to modern men

Somdatta Saha | Updated: Jul 06, 2017 21:27 IST

New Delhi [India], July 6 (ANI): The menswear market in India has really changed in the past few years, with them realising the importance of dressing up and opting for designer wears. Divyam Mehta's designs are an ode to those modern men, globetrotter and an innovator. His garments are suited to a refined sensibility that values traditions, not just from India but also from across the globe. Divyam's collections integrate these global influences to celebrate the beauty of diversity. While speaking to ANI on men's idea of experimenting with clothes, he said, "I think the menswear designers have really started pushing the boundaries of design and the men; especially in the metropolitans are ready to experiment. Though it still is limited to occasion wear, I see a lot happening in terms of silhouette and style in the coming season, draped trousers, long shirts and layered kurtas." Whenever we speak about men's fashion, the term that pops up in mind is 'metrosexual.' Men's fashion wear is too metrosexual- truth or myth? Replying to it, Divyam said, "Menswear fashion is now creating a influence, and men from various fields of life are ready to experiment. So it's not only the metrosexual, who are ready to experiment." (ANI)