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Low-calorie, immunity-booster dishes to binge on this Raksha Bandhan

ANI | Updated: Aug 20, 2021 17:26 IST

New Delhi [India], August 20 (ANI): Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and no festival can be complete without bonding over delicious food, especially gorging on traditional sweets.
However, in today's modern lifestyle, people often face the difficulty of balancing their diet with their health. They either end up eating a lot and feel guilty later, or do not eat at all, and have a feeling of missing out on the feasting.
Are you also one of those who is fretting over consuming some extra calories this festive season? If yes, then you can follow some mindful tips and tricks by Dr Nicheta Bhatia, who is a PhD Nutritionist, Assistant Professor at Lakshmibai College, Department of Home Science, University of Delhi.
"Food is a behaviour. If we consume it mindfully, then instead of worrying about it, food can become the source of our physical and mental well-being," said Dr Bhatia.
So, let's take a look at these nutritionist-approved lip-smacking recipes that are not just low in calories but also act as natural immunity boosters.
1. Beetroot Modak

Prepared with pure milk, jaggery and beetroot, this recipe gives a healthy twist to the delicious traditional modak recipe.
Since we are substituting sugar with jaggery, people with diabetes and hypertension can also enjoy these sweets in controlled quantities.
One can also reduce the quantity of jaggery and increase the amount of beetroot to manage the level of sweetness.
2. Oats Pinni (Jaee ki Pinni)

Prepared with dry fruits, jaggery and very little ghee (only 25 grams of desi ghee for 80 pieces), Pinni is a sweet dish especially relished by the Punjabi community.
This traditional recipe includes desi ghee along with oats, flax seeds, melon seeds, almonds, raisins and ragi, all of which are immunity boosters. The sweet is rich in protein, zinc and vitamin B12. The calorie content is also low and there are multi-micro nutrients present.
Oats Pinni can also be modified into Oats Churma (Jaee ka Churma) by reducing the amount of ghee and jaggery and increasing the quantity of oats.
With these changes, the sweet dish is fit for consumption for diabetic patients in limited quantities.
3. Bajre ka Churma

Another delicious traditional sweet to opt for is Bajre ka Churma which also works as an immunity booster.
Prepared with bajra, ragi, jaggery and very little ghee, this delicious recipe is so healthy that it can be consumed not just on the festival day but also in your routine.
"When we eat good foods, there is no reason to feel guilty for enjoying the delicacies, and the feeling of fulfillment helps our minds and bodies to be happy and healthy," said Dr Nicheta.
She also shared some fun, easy and healthy recipes especially for children, which can be prepared ahead of the festival to prevent the kids from eating junk food.
4. Oats Chocolate

Mix oats with dry fruits and then dip the mixture in melted chocolate. Set it to freeze in the refrigerator for a few hours and then enjoy. Kids would love to eat these super healthy chocolates.
5. Ragi Chips

Children these days end up eating a lot of packed chips. To prevent them from consuming junk, one can prepare these chips at home with ragi, wholewheat flour, bajra and millets.
Prepare these in advance and store them in boxes, so that this healthy alternative is available whenever kids feel like eating chips.
6. Marie Tiramisu

Take orange and regular Marie biscuits. Dip them in milk and pile them on top of one another. Sprinkle some drinking chocolate and cocoa powder on it.
Now, take a little desi ghee, mix it with liquid chocolate and cover the biscuits stack with this chocolate mixture and then set it in the refrigerator.
Chill it for a few hours and when you take it out, cut it and you'll see beautiful layers of brown, orange and white. Yummy, nutritious and filling dessert is ready.
While these delicious dishes will surely promise a happy and healthy Rakhi, Dr Nicheta further suggested some tips to balance that heavy Rakhi lunch with the rest of your day.
1. Start your day with a light yet filling breakfast such as a Chia fruit dish. This can be made easily by combining soaked chia seeds with oats and slices of fruits.
Chia seeds have empty calories and this wholesome dish is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin B12. This filling dish, full of fibre will help to balance out the calories from feasting later in the day.
2. In the evening after a heavy meal, have a cup of green tea and add some freshly squeezed lemon drops to it. One can also consume half a cup of lukewarm water, boiled with dates (2) or raisins (5-6).
These drinks help improve digestion, cut saturated fats, reduce acidity and help increase iron absorption.
3. Drink plenty of water during the day and avoid soft drinks.
4. A heavy lunch can be followed by a light dinner such as a bowl of sprouts chaat with paneer and veggies. Rich in water, minerals and multivitamins, this dinner will help in compensating the heavy calories from the day.
Now that you are armed with all the knowledge, get ready to celebrate a guilt-free, happy and healthy Raksha Bandhan with your family. (ANI)