Make your house summer-ready with these home decor tips

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI): Get ready to give new look to your house during this summer! Kick off the season by getting your house ready by giving it a fresh look with these handy tips by Visual Merchandiser at Furlenco, Mahima Singh. Furniture: This summer, go all out with the outdoor furniture by buying a sunbed, you've had your eye on for a while. Invest in good quality patio furniture comprising of chairs and a coffee table. Make sure that the fabric of your living room sofa does not stick to your body and is heat-proof, preferably of cotton or linen. Stick to the fresh warm colors for summer like yellow, white, cream, orange among others. Drapes: Curtains are imperative to block that hard-hitting heat in the afternoons. This is the perfect season to give a fresh look to the room with light and bright drapes. Go for bright and airy sheers, drapes with bold patterns and neutral shades. Plants: Blossoming flowers in the living room in a cream-coloured or glass vase is perfect to give a summer look to your home. Indoor plants make your space more comfortable, airy and luxurious. Plants like palms, peace lilies, ferns, orchids etc. also help to purify the air around you. Wallpaper: Your best bet for summer-themed wallpapers would be pastel colors with quirky repetitive print. This will not only give the room a cheery vibe, but it also won't look over-the-top. Soft furnishings: Floral print rugs, big soft comfortable cushions, summer lamps, center/coffee tables, fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining table, lovely photo frames can keep the bedroom looking vibrant and airy by placing a nice cotton floral bedspread with sheer white curtains. Add few tropical motif cushions to complete the look. (ANI)